Scrum Mastery: From Good to Great Servant-Leadership – A Book

Scrum Mastery: From Good to Great Servant-Leadership is about the author’s professional experience of many years as a ScrumMaster and the stories of other ScrumMasters. The book shares identified patterns that great ScrumMasters have in common. It also offers practical guidance to become successful in this role, to help develop a better team, to perform activities more effectively, and others.

Book Details

The first paperback edition measures 6 inches wide, 0.6 inch thick, and 9 inches long with a shipping weight of about 1.1 pounds. The 288 pages are divided into an Introduction and 10 sections. It was independently published by the author’s company Inspect and Adapt Ltd in English in May 2013. ISBN-10: 0957587406; ISBN-13: 978-0957587403


$35.51 for the paperback version, $29.99 for the Kindle version, and free as an audio book with Audible

Target Audience

The book is for practicing ScrumMasters and other Agile professionals who want to develop great servant-leadership qualities that enable their teams to go beyond simple process compliance to high levels of performance. It is ideal for professionals who want to improve their skills as they implement Scrum on a daily basis. Scrum coaches who also provide keynote speeches and workshops can gain benefits from reading this book.

What Customers Say

Stephen Y. (Amazon) described Scrum Mastery as an excellent and outstanding book. Introduced to Scrum at work, he learned more about the methodology, roles, and responsibilities from the book than any other source he has encountered.

Wendy K. (Amazon) stated she is lucky that the author wrote a book for ScrumMasters like her. She relates to the common scenarios, the challenges, and the difficulties. She believes that Scrum Mastery is an important tool to become a true ScrumMaster.

Barnabas S. (Goodreads) stated that Scrum Mastery has informative chapters that give an in-depth breakdown of what makes a great ScrumMaster. He likes the excellent pointers and tips on leadership and team building, which he thinks can also be applied outside the Scrum/Agile framework.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Scrum Mastery begins with forewords from two Scrum experts: Mike Cohn and Esther Derby. The introduction points out one important reason why some organizations succeed and why some fail in their Agile/Scrum adoption, and that is the presence of great ScrumMasters who provide the right servant-leadership approach. What follows are 10 sections or qualities that a great ScrumMaster must possess as shown in the stories by the author and others. Section titles include Respected, Enabling, Tactful, and others.

Approach/Tone: The author narrates some of his and other Scrum team experience as they relate to a topic he is emphasizing. He approaches the topic directly, for example, stating that a good ScrumMaster does this, but a great ScrumMaster does that.

Style: The book as described in the foreword is a great book that teaches the readers something new, is worth coming back to, and makes the reader forgets he is even reading at all. The paragraphs are of short readable length, with good narration, and flowing ideas.

Why Buy the Book

Scrum Mastery is an important resource for every ScrumMaster. The role of a ScrumMaster has very little directive as compared to the great responsibility it carries for the team. This book gives practical guidance on how to get the skills that can help different teams, how to help teams with different needs, and how to have the qualities that personify servant-leadership of not just a good, but a great ScrumMaster.


Geoff Watts is the founder of Inspect and Adapt Ltd, a provider of professional training and coaching based in Cheltenham, England. Geoff is a certified Scrum coach, certified Scrum trainer, and Agile leadership coach for almost 20 years. He led the Agile transformation of the IT organization within British Telecom, considered one of the first large-scale agile adoptions. His other customers include Man Investments, Nokia, Sage, JP Morgan, and others. Geoff is also a member of the International Coach Federation, National Council of Psychotherapists, and the Association of Business Psychologists. A passionate advocate of servant-leadership, he authored three books and offers training and ongoing coaching support.

$35.51 for the paperback version, $29.99 for the Kindle version, and free as an audio book with Audible

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