Scrum For Dummies, 1st Edition – A Book


Project management can be tricky especially if you are stuck with the traditional methodologies. Scrum For Dummies is a guide that helps you with the transition from outdated project management methods to the new agile framework. This new management framework utilizes transparency, agility, and fluidity to help you deliver an outcome that meets the expectations of the stakeholders.

Book Details

The book is 408 pages and is a part of the For Dummies series. It is only available in English and is 7.4” x 0.8” x 9.2” and weighs 1.1 pounds. It was published by Dummies Publishing House. It is available in kindle and paperback version. This is the first edition, and it was published on April 20, 2015.
ISBN is 13: 978-1118905753; ISBN-10: 111890575X.


$15.99 for the kindle version, and $14.98 – $21.96 for the paperback version


Target Audience

This book is a guide book for all project managers and product management students. It gives an insight into how the popular Scrum framework is better and provides better final products than the traditional methods used in project management. The scrum framework provides solutions to existing questions in project management allowing all managers to gain knowledge about project management.

What Customers Say

Most customers found this book very helpful while one customer found it misleading.

  • Hiren Vashi (Amazon) found the book very comprehensive, he especially appreciated the part that covers the common pitfalls. The book is well organized and it covers all industries rather than concentrating on one industry
  • James Beswick (Amazon) found the book very well written, he appreciates that the author could communicate the ideas very well and was able to talk about the scrum framework beyond its IT and software applications.
  • Alan Larimer (Amazon) felt the book promotes some misinformation about the scrum methodology. He felt the way the book was written was more of the classic directive management rather than agile management.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: The content covers all principles of agile management. Also, it explains how to apply this framework in various industries while explaining the pitfalls and mistakes managers can make when implementing the methodology.

Approach: Relevant examples of agile management applications. The author draws from his experience and research to support his point in this book.

Style: Simple English, the author tries to make the language as simple as possible. There are business terms, however, they are terms common in project management.

Why Buy the Book

You should buy this book if you would like to better understand the agile management framework. The traditional directive management methodology makes project’s budget bloat and a lot of money is wasted on overruns.  The agile framework helps in minimizing wastage and makes every participant accountable.


With over 20 years of experience, Mark C. Layton is the best source of agile information. He is a PMI – certified instructor and is a strategist by profession. He is a graduate of US Air Force’s Leadership School and is a former specialist in cyber security. He is also the chairman of the Los Angeles Agile Leadership Network and a scrum trainer. You can learn more about Mark C. Layton by connecting with him via LinkedIn.

$14.98 – $21.96 for the paperback version



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