Sciforma PPM Software Introduces Version 7

sciforma logoSciforma project and portfolio management software has released its latest, version 7, which is considered a major release since it first launched the software in 1982. In three decades of service, it has transitioned from DOS to Windows, then to Java, and now to a full HTML5 version. It is a leader in the PPM software market because of several advantages such as its clean and uncluttered UI, its off-the-shelf extensions, and its powerful modular design. With a designed-from-scratch HTML5 version, it has become more accessible and flexible, able to run securely on all browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. The latest web technology also allows it to be available on different devices and screen sizes such as tablets and smartphones.

From Version 6 to Version 7

According to Joel Gutierrez, Sciforma‘s Product Manager, the biggest challenge was moving from Java to HTML5. The new web technology has the capability to bring enhancements to already powerful features such as a search function that can help users find just about anything in the application, like project name, ID, demand data, and more. At the same time, they were thinking of satisfying existing and future customers, how they will navigate, or how features in V6 would look like in a web interface. The tools that can easily create and configure forms and screens have to be kept, as these are what makes the product stand out.

sciforma v7 capacity planning

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Three Main Functional Areas

Sciforma provides management in three functional areas, which are strategic, functional and execution management. Under strategic management, users are able to manage portfolios, programs, and projects while meeting the company’s mission, vision and objectives. Here, they can use budget simulation and capacity planning features. With Version 7, system administrators, even without HTML5 knowledge, can create data entry forms catering to their unique requirements and make them available on all devices using Designer.

sciforma v7 portfolio budget

Functional management in Sciforma allows project managers take control of all aspects to successfully manage projects, resources, risk and change. According to Gutierrez, the Version 7 feature that will make the biggest difference is overwrites, or the ability by users to configure best practices through extensions. Extensions such as for specific implementations like IT, R&D, or for methods, like Agile and Critical Chain are about 80 to 90 percent complete. With only minor configuration left for the customer to apply, they will be able to use the software readily and implement their processes quickly.

sciforma v7 project plan

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Execution management provides complete process tracking for projects and operations through features such as time tracking and demand management. Version 7 makes it easy for users to find the right page to enter time, request vacation, or create an issue with the use of the search bar. The search bar even takes into consideration languages and allows user to create their own help articles. It will also make search suggestions as the user types.

More Features

Aside from a new technology, a redesigned interface, and a powerful search, Sciforma Version 7 now enables multiple users to edit collaboratively on the same project with simultaneous write access. It also launched a new cloud hosting platform with that complies with the strictest security standards such as single-sign-on, unique encryption key per client and data encryption. There are also more video tutorials available on their YouTube site. You can also visit their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages for more updates.


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