Samepage Introduces New Inbox, Out of Office Status

Samepage is an innovative team collaboration software in a single easy-to-use workspace. Everything a project team needs to get things going is available instantly upfront. They can chat, video conference, manage tasks, share files, and more all within the first screen they see. Of course, today’s teams do not need tools to make it more complicated and difficult, because they just do not have the time for it. In line with this, Samepage is announcing its new Inbox to help bring information to its users. Also, an ‚ÄòOut of office status’ is now available.

Introducing Inbox 1.0

The new Inbox feature can be seen above the Teams list on the left-side pane. It is a streaming feed of the most recent comments, reminders, alerts and other updates. They come from across all projects and teams visible to the user. As we know, this online collaboration software works across platforms and is also available with native desktop apps. In fact, on desktops, users can filter their Inbox to show only unread messages. This is especially useful to project managers handling multiple projects and teams at the same time. Unabated, the red dot notifications can be overwhelming and will consume much time for clearing. But with the Inbox, they have greater control over the flow of the red dots.

The new Samepage Inbox 1.0 has a toggle dot above the inbox list. It lets users switch between 2 ways of viewing their notifications. When the dot is faded, they are seeing only their most recent messages. When the dot is toggled to fully black, they are seeing only their unread messages. This is a useful view to clear out work that has not been given attention yet. To clear a red dot in Inbox, they only need to click or tap it.

New Out of Office Status

Another new feature that was recently announced is the Out of office status. It cannot be helped that team members have to sometimes be out of the office or on another location. It can be due to work or personal reasons. However, today’s technology also allows knowledge workers to have more freedom while still giving them the connection to their respective teams. It is important, nonetheless, that the rest of the team is also informed that a team member is traveling or cannot be immediately available. All that a user has to do is to open Settings and select the Out of office status for their profile. They can also toggle a switch to write a custom out-of-office message and provide more details.

What Others See

The rest of the team on Samepage will see an airplane icon next to the traveling user’s name. This immediately inform the others that the user is out of the office, so they can adjust their expectations accordingly. Moreover, the custom message will be displayed whenever a teammate hovers over the traveling user’s avatar. If the message is long, an abbreviated message will be shown. But the full message will be displayed if others hover over the actual message. The Chat button is also available if so desired to have one.

Just the beginning

Samepage is continuously rolling out features that are relevant to today’s users, teams, and organizations. These are only for starters, though, and enhancements are already in the works. For example, showing not only the last comment of a thread in the Inbox, but the last 2 or 3 will provide a proper context. To learn more about upcoming new features and other product announcements, check out Samepage also on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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