Sameer Bhatia – E-Learning Visionary of the Knowledge Age

sameer bhatiaThe 21st century heralds a new period after the so-called Industrial Age of the 20th century. According to education and learning experts, this new Knowledge Age brings forth changes in how knowledge is defined and used. Knowledge is not limited anymore to information that is developed and stored in the minds of experts and inside books, but seen as some form of energy or system that does things and make things happen. With these changes come also new patterns of work, business practices, new kinds of workers and special skills that are required. Knowledge management and its proper planning, thus, becomes an essential part or platform of the educational institution and business organization. One successful proponent of this is Sameer Bhatia.

Introducing Sameer Bhatia, Business Owner/Founder

Sameer Bhatia is the founder and CEO of, a provider of online learning tools for building, testing and applying knowledge. It is a privately held international company with head office in Los Angeles, CA, USA. It recently acquired HelpIQ in 2015 to expand its presence in knowledge management. The site hosts over a million pages of content in more than 90 languages, and contains the largest library of professional tests and quizzes. In Sameer’s words, ProProfs is like the “YouTube of quizzes.” It caters to both educational institutions and business organizations through its products that include quizzes, training, polls, survey, flashcards, knowledge base and games that can be used in classrooms, boardrooms and homes.

Internet Entrepreneur

Sameer is an Internet entrepreneur that has founded several startups in the e-learning and online retail industries. He also tried with a niche search engine similar to Google. Now, his company uses many Google products and services, such as AdSense, AdWords, and Google authentication. He is also the owner of and advisor at Sameer received his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Pune, and received his Master’s Degree in Computer Science at the University of Southern California.

Knowledge Management Advocate

Sameer is an endorser and champion of knowledge management. In the past, people were mostly concerned about “know-how”, things that can be learned by participating in the everyday life and work of the community. In the modern age, people started to need to learn about “know-what”, a higher, more abstract knowledge that is being taught in schools for many years. Today, people need to be able to do things with this knowledge, to use it as a resource to create new knowledge. What is needed is a knowledge base that can help people be more capable of helping or collaborating with others to solve problems, engage customers, get feedback, and centralize knowledge sharing, among other things.

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Promoting Knowledge that is Relevant and of Quality

Today, change is being driven by many factors such as globalization, technological breakthroughs, transforming market demands and such. Previous kinds of knowledge can become obsolete in such a short time that it is also impractical to teach everything through the school system. Knowledge Age students and workers need to be able to locate, learn and make use of new and relevant information quickly. Through ProProfs and the many articles he has contributed, Sameer Bhatia advocates relevant and quality knowledge that is highly accessible and available just in time to all people. He recognizes and promotes knowledge management and learning management systems as business-critical technology platforms that are important to the success of any business and professional. He is on Twitter and Google+.

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