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sam silverstein photoWhen projects fail, and a number of them do despite best efforts, someone is always held accountable. It can be the project manager, the project team, an executive sponsor, the customer, or someone else. In any case, people are always ready to give an excuse because they associate accountability with consequence. However, for Sam Silverstein, accountability can be looked at not as a consequence, but as a competitive advantage. The difference impacts not only the individual but other people as well.

Introducing Sam Silverstein

Sam graduated with a Business degree at the University of Georgia. He then got from Washington University in St. Louis, MO, his MBA. He is a successful entrepreneur and President of Sam Silverstein Enterprises, Inc. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and president in 2008-2009 of the National Speaker Association. He has authored several books and has appeared in many radio and TV shows including CNBC. He is an advocate of personal accountability for individual and organizational growth and success.

Accountability Solutions Expert

Roadblocks that hinder people and organizations from their goals always exist. But there are ways to go around or over them, and some ways create a greater impact than others. Sam Silverstein started the Accountability Academy to help people in all situations and levels to achieve success. The people who want or need help in overcoming these roadblocks are usually busy people, so the program is designed specifically for them. For instance, the Accountability Academy can help organizations boost their productivity, develop greater focus, and communicate better expectations.

Keynote Speaker

A client who heard one of Sam’s keynote speech described it as the perfect message that kept attendees upbeat and energetic throughout the day. Business organizations that want to improve their bottom line or those that are looking for ways to perform at a higher level are more than satisfied after hearing him speak. For example, his No More Excuses keynote speech helps attendees discover the things that are keeping them from their goals. He then shows how to increase success by presenting the phases and ways of being proactively accountable. Other keynote speeches are See the Solution, Building Accountable Teams, The Accountable Leader, and Developing Accountable Supervisors.

Author, Blogger and Thought Leader

no more excuses book coverNo More Excuses: The Five Accountabilities for Personal and Organizational Growth has received an average 4.5 out of a possible 5 rating at Amazon. From the 12 readers who gave a review, eight gave a 5-star rating. A reader who is a small business consultant that advocates focus, alignment and accountability described Sam’s book as the best he has read on the subject.

Sam Silverstein’s website also contains blogs about topics he is most passionate about. In his article titled Be Accountable First posted on September 27, 2013, he shared how his clients usually tell him how they wanted to hold their employees more accountable and be more accountable. Unexpectedly, his advice was that people, especially leaders, need to trust others first before expecting others to trust them. When leaders are accountable to everyone around them, so will the people be accountable to their leaders.

Inciting Success by Eliminating Excuses

People seem more challenged toward results and more encouraged toward greatness after meeting and hearing Sam Silverstein. As people began to realize the value of personal accountability and the impact of taking conscious steps to have it, they are no longer making excuses. For project managers, being accountable to oneself, to the project team, and to other project stakeholders can only mean no more excuses in delivering that project on time, on budget, and with the quality and benefits expected. Furthermore, as a project leader, it is not about being held or holding others accountable, but helping others be accountable to themselves and to others as well. To know more, Sam also has Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube social network presence.

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