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Overview Presentation

SalesforceIQ is a relationship management platform that extracts important data from emails, smartphone calls and appointments, and integrates it into a single application, in addition to providing rational support to its valuable clients when required. SalesforceIQ, established in 2011, has grown to become a popular cloud-based customer relationship management software, with a highly talented team of employees and gaining clients’ trust in every step towards success.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Automatic Information Capture and Integration – SalesforceIQ’s platform routinely analyzes and isolates a user’s professional emails and other necessary interactions, unlike traditional relationship management systems which usually rely on data input by users. As of now, SalesforceIQ supports several applications like Google Apps, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Office 365, as well as Facebook for photos.
  • Intelligent Suggestions and Reminders – In clubbing together the data gathered from several sources, SalesforceIQ leverages data science to search through emails, analyze them, offer suggestions and give reminders to its salespeople. SalesforceIQ introduced “Closest Connections”, a feature that improvises a time-consuming and potentially erroneous sales practice used previously, with which it identifies warm introductions for potential prospects based on actual activity occurring within a team’s email inbox, calendar, phone, and social network profiles.
  • Packed-up Security and API – SalesforceIQ has placed a lot of focus on security, and recruited engineers from top companies like Google, Palantir, LinkedIn and Yahoo. Their enhanced security system uses two-factor authentications and provides protection against DDOS and MITM attacks. Additionally, strict internal access control is ensured for its customers. The SalesforceIQ API is focused on ensuring ease of use for its customers. The API is based on RESTful principles, and uses HTTP authentication standards and HTTP methods to make the API as easy to use as possible. The API makes the requests, objects, responses, and errors consistent and easy to understand for its customers.

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SalesforceIQ offers several pricing packages for its valuable customers, all including a 14-day risk-free trial period. Their packages include a Starter Plan at $25 per user per month billed annually, Growth Plan at $65 per user, and a Business Plan at $125 per user. It gives top-tier support and tailored training for its Business customers, in addition to the extra care and extended support provided to its Growth and Starter plan members.


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Target Market

SalesforceIQ is ideal for everyone including individuals, small and big organizations. It helps its users working on several projects that fabricate a large amount of information and requires an even greater amount of decision-making to successfully supervise them all.

Supported Languages

SalesforceIQ supports English only, but they give support in other languages too on clients’ requests.

Some of their Clients

SalesforceIQ has big names as their customers like Box, Asana, and T3 Advisors. This list also includes News Corp, Binc, GrowthPoint, and InstartLogic along with Knewton, KPCB, MindSumo, Rallyware, Sookasa and StyleSeek.

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Managing Director of T3 Advisors David Bergeron stated that switching to SalesforceIQ boosted their CRM capabilities from 60% to a full 100%, enabling them to secure high profile deals and enhanced prioritization of tasks and clients.

News Corp. initially used SalesforceIQ in a few of its departments, but were so impressed with the internal adoption that they expanded its use throughout the organization.

Box, a huge company with more than 500 employees, uses SalesforceIQ to collaborate and share their content across any medium from anywhere.

Why SalesforceIQ

SalesforceIQ simplifies, automates and deepens the way to engage with customers in professional relationships. Whether to manage a sales pipeline or track deals to closure, SalesforceIQ ensures tools and insights to boost the efficiency. It automatically analyzes and tracks the day-to-day communications which impel relationships in sales, business development and more, using algorithms and data to make their customer’s job easier and better.

Company Info

SalesforceIQ, an auxiliary concern of Salesforce, is an enterprise software company located in Palo Alto, California, USA. It was founded in 2011 by Adam Evans and Steve Laughlin. In 2014 acquired RelateIQ. Salesforce is treated as world’s number 1 CRM provider. SalesforceIQ’s team includes data scientist DJ Patil as Vice President of , Ruslan Belkin as Vice President of Engineering and Armando Mann as Vice President of Sales.

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