Sadhguru’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Jaggi VasudevJaggi Vasudev, also known as Sadhguru, was born in 1957 in the city of Mysore (now Mysuru), India. When he was 12 years-old, he came in contact with a swami who taught him a set of simple yoga postures or asanas, which he practiced regularly. In 1973, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English literature.

Jaggi likes to travel in various places throughout the country in his motorcycle. To finance his travels, he started several businesses, such as a poultry farm, brickworks, and a construction business, which were all successful. In one of his travels in Chamundi Hill in 1982, he claimed to have a spiritual experience. He then left his business to a friend, pursued meditation and travel for a year to gain insight about his experience. When he came back, he decided to teach yoga, which led to the founding of the Isha Foundation.

The Top 10 Rules For Success

Sadhguru, through the Isha Foundation, designed and teach yoga classes. Moreover, the foundation works with other international bodies for the promotion economic and social programs. He has been invited to speak in some of the most prominent international forums, such as the World Economic Forum. He also has served as a delegate to the UN Millennium Peace Summit and World Peace Congress. This YouTube video shares some of his rules for success.

1. Enhance Your Perception and Intelligence

Sadhguru explained that labor alone is not enough. Trying to be capable of something is the wrong approach in pursuing success. It is more important to constantly look for ways to enhance one’s perception and intelligence. When perception and intelligence is enhanced, it paves the way for incisive, focused and calibrated effort that leads to right action, right timing and the right place.

2. Take Charge Of Your Life

He demonstrated that everything that a person experiences, he or she experiences it within themselves. Events may happen outside of a person, but the experience happens within the person. He therefore states the importance of taking charge of one’s life to determine how they experience life. Unless people themselves determine how they want to experience their own life, other people may consciously or unconsciously determine it for them.

3. Be Conscious Of Your Mortality

Sadhguru shared that many people do things that they wish they would not have done because they think they are immortal. By forgetting that they are mortal, they engage in unproductive activities. However, by reminding ourselves that what we have is a brief life, we will be more careful and more grateful every time we wake up. We will be more grateful every time we see people that we love still alive, because the fact is that not everyone who slept the previous night woke up again.

4. Take A Holiday From Seriousness

He explained that people become very serious when they start to believe that they are very important. But in reality, the world will go on fine even without us. This has always been the case. Some people may miss us, but after a few days, they will continue to go about their lives without us. Therefore, it is important to take short breaks during the day from seriousness, and be reminded of this reality.

5. Produce Nice Movies

Sadhguru explained that fear is happening because of our own excessive imagination. The mind is like a cinema that produces movies, and people have develop a habit of producing a lot of horror movies in their mind. Most of the things we fear do not happen, and it is impossible to overcome something that does not exist. Therefore, we must use our minds differently and create the habit to produce nice movies in our mind. Even if they do not happen, at least we have enjoyed them.

6. Don’t Identify Yourself With Anything

He explained that when people start to identify themselves with something, whether as a person, group, company, gender, race or religion, the natural reaction is for the intellect to protect that identity in order to survive. It is a kind of prejudice. Human beings have a desire for the boundless and limitless, but use physical, defined and limited methods to achieve it. By not identifying himself with anything, Sadhguru shared that life seem to explode within him.

7. Fix Yourself

Sadhguru stated that our generation is the most comfortable generation that has ever lived. Science and technology has fixed so many things, and yet people continue to complain. He explained that this is because people have forgotten to fix what is inside ourselves. People should start fixing what is within to achieve a blissful state. However, bliss is not the goal, but a necessary condition for humans to achieve their full potential.

8. Pay Attention To Yourself

People have focused too much on the external, not enough with what is within one’s self. He compared the human body as a very sophisticated computer. Unfortunately, people have not even bothered to find the keyboard, so to speak, to have a greater control of it. Most of us hope that nothing breaks down, and have settled to simply being peaceful. However, he believes that we should not settle, because peace is not the ultimate goal but just the fundamental requirement.

9. Do Not Set Incentives For Sickness

Sadhguru believes that a great percentage of sickness in the world is self-created. It is because people, even at the slightest change in weather, would go back to bed instead of going on to their commitments of the day. The habit has taught the body to become more sickly. So, he advises people to set the necessary conditions and incentives for health instead of sickness.

10. Have A Sense Of Humor

In a show, he told of a story that while telling a joke to an American audience, he referred to God as a Him. Immediately, some women in the audience stood up and asked him if he really believed that God is a man. He explained that he was only telling a joke. He also commented that in India, they do not have this kind of problem, because they have a man god, a woman god, a cow god, an elephant god, and all sorts of gods. He explained that it is because it is a wise culture that foresaw the possible problems of gender.


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev as a mystic has become very famous and influential because of his insights. His ideas and talks are well received in many prominent international forums. He has been interviewed by many media companies, and has also written several books including Inner Engineering, a best seller.

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