Ron Rosenhead – Pragmatic and Practical PM Trainer

ron rosenheadAs a dynamic and strategic science, efficient project management has revolutionized countless organizations worldwide. It’s without doubt that successful integration of practical PM concepts is catapulting numerous firms towards achieving their vision and mission objectives. However, tying assenting results to any project requires profound understanding and a strategic approach to the specific project at hand. As a result, efficient project management training necessitates for a much more practical methodology, an aspect where experts like Ron Rosenhead stand out. With extensive experience, both as a leader and PM trainer, Ron has overseen appreciable project management techniques introduced in private and public sectors through training, scholarly articles, books, workshops and conferences globally.

Introducing Ron Rosenhead

As a scholar, Ron Rosenhead holds a graduate and post graduate degree from the Royal Society of Arts and is a Fellow Member of the institution. As a project management professional, Ron has been diligently passionate about project management since 1995 when he first founded his widely accredited company by name, Project Agency. In addition to being an efficient and highly competent Project Management Trainer, he is also a qualified PM consultant and coach. The former lecturer at Middlesex Business School is a certified expert in organizational development as well as change and stakeholder management. Ron is a frequent tweeter, and can be contacted through FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

CEO of Project Agency

Ron Rosenhead is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Project Agency, UK based International Project Management firm. Since 1995, Ron has diligently lead a team of high trained team of PM professional in offering practical and efficient Project Management services worldwide. Project Agency also offers exclusive training courses to its clients such as Programme Management, Advanced Project Management Training and Sponsor Training among others. Project Agency has worked with globally renowned clients including Ford Retail, Coca Cola Enterprises and Hitachi just to name a few. In addition, the company also carried out case studies on top 100 companies and charity organizations.

Trainer, Speaker and Coach

For the past two and half decades, Ron has consistently trained over 10000 people on practical and effective project management. Through Project Agency, workshops, conferences and eLearning, he has commendably seen the transformation of numerous organizations and individuals to self-actualization.

As a professional public speaker, Ron has featured on numerous project management forums, seminars,internal meetings and conferences such as the Project Challenge. He is also an ardent member of the Professional Speakers Association and is an internationally recognized coach to project managers and team members. Ron Rosenhead has been a keen contributor to Construction Stakeholder Management (Wiley Blackwell), & Business Proficiency (Klett).

Prolific Blogger and Author

strategies-for-project-sponsorship-book-coverRon Rosenhead runs a blog on his company’s website dedicated to topics and discussions in project management. Ron comprehensively writes on a wide range of exciting and informative topics. These include benefits of PM, risk and stakeholder management, team projects among others. The blog also provides free project management educational resources for people involved or interested in Project Management.

As an author, Ron Rosenhead has co-authored a recently published book Strategies for Project Sponsorship with Vicki James and Peter Taylor and From Ready- Fire- Aim to Ready-Aim-Fire with Mike Clayton. Among other works he has authored include an e-books such as Deliver that Project, 63 Project Management Tips, and Time Management as well as other substantial project management training resources.

Training Competent Project Management Professionals

A pragmatic and practical approach in Project Management is an efficient strategy solving modern project management challenges. Ron Rosenhead emphasizes on choosing the right project, doing it right, delivering results and realising the project’s goals. Furthermore, Ron has demystified the project management practice and through his 360 degree tool and review, developed impressive project management capabilities within professionals.

As a token of appreciation, testimonials from Ron associates and trainees have remarkably commended his efforts and work in this demanding field. For instance Cya Rosen, Capita L&D and Indigo Business Services Project Management Consultant/ Trainer highly recommends Ron Rosenhead by saying that he offers brilliant and unique project management training. Additionally, J.T from University of Kent defined his PM training course as an excellent and informative course.

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