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The growing changes in Project Management place a huge demand on companies and forces them to be more productive and more effective. Every project manager, whether at the junior or senior level, has to find a way to implement these changes in their undertakings. Only an experienced professional, who has a solid base in Project Management, knows every new direction in modern PM, and is well versed in its application, can make a difference. One of these veterans, Robert Wysocki, has built comprehensive approach to Project Management, incorporating traditional, agile and extreme PM techniques, the Enterprise Project Management Model, Kanban and Scrum methodologies. For every project, he offers experienced guidance through his books, trainings and consultations. His comprehensive approach can bring almost every project to success.

Introducing Robert Wysocki

Robert Wysocki has a B.A. from the University of Dallas and a Masters Degree and Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistic from the Southern Methodist University. He was starting as a practitioner in Project Management in 1963 and is completely self-taught. During the years (1963 – 1970), Wysocki worked as a System Consultant for one of the largest manufacturer of electronic components worldwide. For them, he produced and established quality control system based on computer technology. In two next decades (1970 – 1990), Wysocki was engaged on different administrative positions in various universities and colleges, such as: MBA Director, Associate Dean of Business, Dean of Computers and Information Systems, Director of Academic Computing, CIO, and Senior Planner. He can be contacted via his LinkedIn profile.

President of Enterprise Information Insights, Inc.

Robert Wysocki founded Enterprise Information Insights, Inc. (EII) in 1990. He leads a team of professionals who provide their clients with a wide range of consulting services and assessment tools for Project Management. Wysocki brought into EII unique treatment to their clients, as partners. He set the four areas of expertise that reflect his huge knowledge and competences: guiding critical and troubled projects; synchronizing project teams with projects to improve success rates; enhancing individual, team and organizational effectiveness, and implementing Project Support Offices. Through EII, Wysocki collaborated with numerous organizations, just to name a few: AT&T, Aetna, Converse Shoes, Czechoslovakian Government, Eli Lilly, Harvard Community Health Plan, IBM, J. Walter Thompson, Peoples Bank, Sapient Corporation, The Limited, The State of Ohio, and others.


effective-pm-logoRobert Wysocki is known as a best-selling author in Project Management of more than 22 books. His most influential book is Effective Project Management: Traditional, Agile, Extreme. This best-selling book reached its 6th edition and has been recommended by the Project Management Institute. More than 300 colleges and universities worldwide included his materials in their educational programs. His other titles that are not less significant are 5-Phase Project Management, Effective and Practical Project Management, and Managing Information across the Enterprise.

Trainer and Consultant

In the last 8 years, Robert Wysocki has been a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium’s Agile & Project Management Practice. He implements his consulting services and assessment tools to evaluate project management maturity, project manager competency, project manager skills, organizational readiness, information service perception, etc. There is a lot of industry that could benefit from Wysocki’s consulting services and project management skills, such as: information technology, systems development, financial services, telecommunications, insurance, retail, education and healthcare. He also maintains a blog on his personal website.

Reliable Leader in Turbulent Times

Robert Wysocki’s strategic leadership skills are a valuable resource for every organization in our challenging times. He continues to provide organizations with his practical knowledge of project management by EII Publications. Today, more than ever, when dramatic changes in our global market seem to grow, all we need is steady and trustworthy mainstay, who can show us the right direction. His 45 years presence in project management gives beneficial contribution to the business world. Wysocki continues his activities not only through offering consulting services, but also through membership of the Project World Executive Advisory Board, the Project Management Institute, the American Society of Training & Development, and the Society of Human Resource Management.

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