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rmstudy logoEvery project initiated can have risks. As soon as a project is given a deadline, a budget and objectives, there is a risk that it will miss the deadline, go over-budget, or not meet its objectives. The risk exists and if not handled proactively, the certainty of it happening increases. If it does happen, it will have varying degrees of impact, depending on the amount of control that will be applied to lessen or mitigate the impact. Project risk management is one of the ten knowledge areas defined in the PMBOK. It is a valuable discipline to learn and skill to have as a project professional. RMstudy provides the training to master risk management.


RMstudy specializes in imparting risk management training. It is a brand of VMEdu, a PMI Global Registered Education Provider. It offers risk management certification courses that are recognized and considered valuable in the field of project management. As a certified risk management professional, sponsors and project managers rely on you to provide the proper risk assessment and control for important projects across industries that can have significant socio-economic impact to all involved. Aligned with the PMI-RMP guidelines, it is a good preparation for becoming a certified specialist in identifying risks, minimizing impact and capitalizing on opportunities.

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Online Courses

RMstudy offers its EDU online course that offers comprehensive risk management training. It is flexibly delivered as a self paced 100 percent online course. It offers two variants: one with a purely online certificate priced at $150 that provides online access for three months. Taking the course also earns the aspirant an equivalent of 20 PDU. This course can be availed using CCAvenue or PayPal merchant payment gateways. The other variant priced at $200 also includes a physical certificate, a pin-up lapel and a trophy mailed to the address of the customer. It is also accessible for three months and is equivalent to 20 PDU.

Classroom Courses

New to RMstudy, it is now offering live online training courses to more than 15 locations in the US. At the moment, the classes are held from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM as per Phoenix, Arizona Mountain Time Zone (MTZ). Enrollment and payment of the course should be made at least five days before the live classroom course starts. Study material and course access code are sent to the student. With this course access code, the student logs in at the proper time to attend the live online training course.


RMstudy course is a continuous study program. While studying the course, the student is advised to read a particular chapter as well as the comprehensive study guides for that particular chapter. The student is then advised to take the chapter test to improve his or her understanding of the concepts discussed in that chapter. When the student feels confident enough about the concepts, he or she is advised to take the evaluation test for that chapter. Upon passing this test, access to the next chapter is given. As a mastery course, every chapter builds on the lessons learned from the previous chapters. Students who completed the course will be awarded the Risk Management Certificate from RMstudy.

Requests, Options, Discounts and other conditions

In certain situations, students may request to break up the course in two study durations instead of one continuous duration. This is possible but a small processing fee of $25 will be charged. The course is designed for three months, but if the student feels that he or she may need a longer time, a course extension fee of $60 a month is available. Upon the initial signup, there is also the option to take the longer duration course. Course cancellation costs $50 and is allowed only up to two days after the course access has been provided. Bulk discounts are also available for groups of five or more, and a 50 percent refund for the classroom course from RMstudy is guaranteed upon meeting certain conditions for those who are not satisfied.

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