ResourceGuru Introduces Integrations via Webhooks

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resourceguru-logoResourceGuru is a popular resource scheduling cloud application that allows its users to plan and manage their resources efficiently. They have always acted upon customer feedback, and recently they added new features to make the software even more user-friendly, with the introduction of Webhooks. Webhooks were first launched in public API in October 2014 with a beta version, but now they are available, visible, easy to manage and ready for business.

What are Webhooks?

Webhooks give a way for an app to send real-time information to other apps. When a booking is made in ResourceGuru, a different app can get the information about the booking via a Webhook. It was possible to get this information even before the introduction of Webhooks through the use of API, but Webhooks report the changes in real-time. Today, Webhooks has opened up new opportunities to integrate ResourceGuru efficiently with other apps.


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Podio Integration

A new integration in ResourceGuru everyone is excited about is the one with Podio. This will make use of both API and Webhooks to keep Podio updated with all the changes in a given ResourceGuru account and vice-versa. Podio is a platform for online collaboration, used by thousands of organizations to run their projects and departments. It is an excellent way for a team to pass on, find and finish work all in one place. This integration is expected to go live within a time frame of a few weeks.

Setting Up a Webhook

Webhooks can be created via API, but the easiest way to do it is through the settings in your ResourceGuru account, but in order to do this you need to have administrator permission. Open the menu in the top right corner and click Settings > Wehooks > New Webhooks.


Name the Webhook and enter the receiving URL and then select the events you want Resource Guru to send. You also have the option to enter a secret to enhance your security, but in order for this to be effective, the receiving URL will need to know how to process that. If you need, you can set up as many Webhooks as you need for all the different services that you want to integrate.

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Integration between Resource Guru and Slack via Zapier

ResourceGuru‘s employees love to use Slack which is a very useful application. It is a platform for team communication mainly used to simplify collaboration among colleagues. Each member of a team can work anywhere in the world and still have the feeling that they are in the same office. There are people who use ResourceGuru and Slack separately, so the basic idea is to make a new integration so they could get notified about ResourceGuru bookings inside Slack. This is possible using ResourceGuru’s Webhooks and Zapier.


Creating a Zap in Zapier

First of all you have to create a Zapier account and ‘Make a Zap’. Select ‘Web Hook’ as the trigger and ‘Slack’ as the app.


Zapier will create a receiving Webhook URL where Resource Guru will send updates.


Finally, Zapier will allow you to connect with your Slack account.


Then, Resource Guru will send events in JSON payloads. Everyone using Zapier’s custom filters can do 3 things:

  • Check that the payload is for a ResourceGuru booking.
  • Check that the payload contains a booking for a given project which has an ID number.
  • Check that the payload doesn’t relate to a project being deleted.

Finally, you need to specify which Slack channel you want your notifications to appear in and what the message should say.

Endless Possibilities

Using Webhooks, you can set up integrations to do useful things for you in your ResourceGuru account. You can experiment as much as you want and you will be amazed with the results. ResourceGuru only provided a demonstration for integration with Slack, but these cloud integration services can connect with many apps, such as Google Calendar, Gmail, Hipchat, Trello and many more. To keep up-to-date with all the latest features and integration, visit their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

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