Resource Guru Launches Time-Off Management, New Features

resourceguru-logoResource Guru cloud-based resource scheduling application recently announced the launching of several new features and improvements. Over the years, it has been steadily adding functionality for better user experience as well as wider integration with other applications. In the past months, this special tool has added a new overtime feature, the option to change one’s normal availability period, an improved interface for making bookings, its order according to time, and the much-awaited leave management. All these are now available with the application, so that users can continue to schedule people and resources in a fast and simple way.

New Overtime Feature

Resource Guru now allows users to enter work that is outside normal hours. Occasionally, whether self-requested or imposed, users work overtime and this can now be flagged and be included in the reports. When scanning the calendar, it is easy to spot a flagged overtime which appears in red. Upon clicking the details of a resource, his or her available schedule, the total availability hours, and the number of overtime will be shown in the card.

resourceguru overtime

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Availability Exceptions

Similar to the new overtime feature, users can now change the normal availability of a resource for a specific day or time period. This is applicable, for example, when someone is planning to work on a weekend or holiday. The procedure is similar, just click on the availability bar, and a new set of controls will appear for the user to make changes. Just the same, users can also flag overtime on this exception days. Users are advised, however, that the best way to change normal availability is by going to the Resources section, then editing the Normal Availability in that resource’s card.

resourceguru availability-exception

Booking UI Changes

Resource Guru has made some changes in the UI. First off, the Bookings section has been renamed Schedule. Small refresh of the UI together with popovers in the schedule is now visible, improving user experience for this section. Also, each row is now split to two sections. The top section is where users can create availability exceptions and specify overtime. The bottom section is where they add bookings.

resource guru bookings

Time-specific Booking Improvement

From customer feedback, the team from Resource Guru decided to make some changes in how to display the order of time-specific bookings. For single-day bookings, they are now listed in chronological order, with the earlier bookings appearing on top, and the later ones appearing at the bottom. However, the exception for this new display is when multi-day bookings are involved, as the length and time of days vary, and gaps may appear in the calendar if the same order is used.

resourceguru time-specific

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New Time-Off Management

Resource Guru has been working on the new Time-Off management feature for months, and it is now available. A new time-off tab is now visible when adding calendar events. On this tab, users can enter vacations, public holidays, sick time, maternity leave, and other types of absence. For making entry for multiple resources, users should select the cog (setting) icon for more options and filters.

resourceguru time-off

When users add a time off in Resource Guru, they can specify the type of leave or leave it blank for a time off that does not fall in any available category. In the event schedule, a corresponding icon will be displayed. With this new feature, new levels of permissions are also introduced, which match a user’s existing booking permissions. Any user with a View permission can add time off from their Dashboard, but not modify existing bookings. All these new data are available in reports, taking careful consideration of overlaps and utilization rates. For more of this new feature and other improvements, visit their Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ page.

resourceguru leave icons

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