QuickBooks 2015: The Missing Manual – A Book

quickbooks 2015 book coverQuickBooks 2015: The Missing Manual is the official Intuit Guide to QuickBooks 2015 for Windows. It is the latest edition from this particular Missing Manual series of computer product guides. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to setup the software, navigate it easily, choose the right features for specific functions and maximize its power. The book also provides some bookkeeping and business management advice and how these can be applied with the help of the accounting software.

Book Details

This 2015 paperback edition was published in November 2014 by O’Reilly Media. It has 802 pages and is about 1-1/2 inches thick. The book cover follows the previous design and color scheme of the book series. The title is displayed at the upper half of the cover, the illustration at the lower half, and the publisher’s and author’s name at the bottom part. ISBN-10: 1491947136; ISBN-13: 978-1491947135


$26.51 for the book edition and $18.06 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

QuickBooks 2015 is for USA users of the accounting software’s Windows desktop edition. It does not cover the Mac version, the online version, or desktop versions for other countries.

What Customers Say

Tech Bookworm reader described the book as a clear and helpful guide in providing good foundation in setting up small businesses as well as helping them keep track of their business.

Reader azgrad stated that it is more than just a software technical manual but a great reference for bookkeeping and managing the business. It is a great resource for new and non-expert QB users.

Content, Approach, Style

QuickBooks 2015 is divided into the introduction and 5 parts. The first part is about setting up the software. Under it are 7 chapters which include instructions for creating a company file, getting around via the menu, setting up a chart of accounts, setting up customers, jobs, vendors and so on. The second part is the bookkeeping part and contains 10 chapters which include instructions on how to track time and mileage, paying for expenses, invoicing, producing statements and more. The third part is about managing the business discussed in 6 chapters. Discussions are on keeping track of financial tasks, managing QB files, managing inventory and so on. The fourth part is about the software’s expandable capabilities which are discussed in five chapters such as banking online, configuring preferences, and integrating with other programs. The last part is the appendix.

The text is very well organized, written in plain language and well-defined technical terminologies. There are headings, bulleted lists, figures, numbered lists, markers for tips, and computer screen shots. It is an easy-to-use manual that can be followed by beginners or be easily navigated by those with previous knowledge of the software.

Why Buy the Book

QuickBooks is a very popular software because of its features that provide financial organization, business efficiency and overall value to individuals and businesses. QuickBooks 2015: The Missing Manual is the reference that will help QB users maximize the software and make it fit their needs. Users will be able to get started fast, track their finances, keep the company healthy, gain insight, reduce or eliminate errors, and find data instantly. Currently, the book is in the top 10 of Amazon’s Best Sellers in three categories: personal finance, QuickBooks and accounting.

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R. Luckadoo’s Grit in your Craw is an excellent read for those in business ventures in search of long-lasting and meaningful success.


Bonnie Biafore is a project manager and technical writer. She is a a certified Project Management Professional and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist. She received her BS in Architecture from the MIT and an MS in Structural Engineering from Columbia University. She has published books and training courses including several editions of Quickbook The Missing Manual, books on Microsoft Project, project management, finance and investing, and technology. Her books have received awards such as the Distinguished Award from the Society for Technical Communication and Apex Award of Excellence. She also provides consulting services for product development, marketing and PM.

$26.51 for the book edition and $18.06 for the Kindle edition


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