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Project Management the Agile Way: Making It Work in the Enterprise, 2nd Edition is the updated edition of the popular 2010 book of the same name. Like the 1st Edition, it is about Agile methodologies seen in the perspective of project management. This latest edition has been redesigned to have a more modular format that is useful in training and advance course instruction. The book has been updated also to include new hybrid agile methods, the latest public sector practices, and a new chapter discussing the transition to Agile.

Book Details

The latest edition measures about 4.8 in. wide, 1 in. thick, and 10.3 in. tall. It ships about 1.6 pounds. It contains 392 pages divided in 12 chapters. It is available only in hardcover. This second edition was also published by J. Ross Publishing in October 2015 in English. ISBN-10: 1604271159; ISBN-13: 978-1604271157


$43.85 for the hardcover version

Target Audience

Project Management the Agile Way is for experienced practitioners and project management students who want to learn how to make Agile work in the enterprise environment. Professionals preparing for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner exams will find the book to be a helpful resource material.

What Customers Say

Joseph M. (Amazon) stated that Project Management the Agile Way was incredibly helpful to him as a returning program manager who has not been hands-on for some years due to doctorate studies. The book was able to guide him as he started managing again a couple of startup companies.

An Amazon Customer described the book as content-rich in its comprehensive and detailed discussion of Agile. The perspective of the book is valuable to the Agile project manager in a non-agile organization. It took the reader multiple readings to fully appreciate the scope of the book, which is written very much like a textbook with end-of-module questions.

Dolf vdH. (Goodreads) stated that the book guides the reader in taking more advanced steps in implementing Agile in a traditional enterprise environment. It covers a lot of ground, but is quite densely written. He described it as a hard read, and wonders at the value it brings in the practical sense because of a great amount of conceptual information discussed.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Project Management the Agile Way introduces 4 Agile methods: Scrum, XP, the Crystal Family, and Kanban. These methods are discussed to address project management problems when managing innovation and technology projects. The concepts and practices are offered as an alternative solution especially when responding to changing requirements yet able to deliver customer value quickly. The chapters discuss business value, quality, hybrid agile methods, scope, planning and more.
Approach/Tone: The author discusses each topic expertly in a textbook manner. He provides history, definition, explanation, comparisons and contrasts, as well as a few examples. Thus, the reader is able to understand ideas conveyed in full context.
Style: The content is divided in modules, and the topics are well-organized. Paragraphs are of short, readable lengths. Ideas and points are summarized in lists and tables. There are visual aids such as charts, graphs and figures. At the end of every module, there are a few questions for review exercises and critical thinking.

Why Buy the Book

Project Management the Agile Way offers a comprehensive discussion and unique perspective of Agile through project management terms. The book was well received, which ranks at the top 60 of Amazon’s Best Seller in Agile, Project Management and Business Technology categories. The updated edition includes more recent developments in Agile and a practical guide in transitioning to Agile from a traditional setting.


John C. Goodpasture, PMP, is the Managing Principal in Square Peg Consulting, LLC, a provider of expert coaching and training to project teams involved in technology projects. John received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree at Georgia Institute of Technology, and received his Master of Electrical Engineering degree at University of Maryland. He has worked as director of project office, director of program management, and vice president in various companies including Harris Corporation, US Department of Defense, Lanier, and Ricoh. He has authored several books on topics of Agile methods, risk management, PMP prep and quantitative methods.

$43.85 for the hardcover version

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