Project Management Technology of 2014

Project Management Technology of 2014On a daily basis, technology is advancing for many large and small businesses. These technologies not only help minimize effort and cost, but also help maximize productivity and efficiency. In order to help your projects better compete with the businesses that already have these technologies and have advanced their companies, here are some ideas of what technologies can help you:


Online teleconferencing is a great way to stay in communication with employees, clients, and vendors that are in other cities or countries and can be very cost effective and less money than other options. Teleconferencing doesn’t require unusual or distinct equipment or excessive overseas phone bills. It also allows businesses to make video and speech connections. There a large number of companies businesses can go through. Some of the major companies are Adobe Connect, Infinite Conferencing, and InterCall. The best companies will also offer technologies that can help manage mobile and social networks as well as a scheduling system to help you keep track of upcoming meetings so you can focus on other things.

Managing Systems

As a project manager it is your job to not only bridge the gap between clients and production, but also to help reduce the risks of failure, maximize benefits, and maintain costs. In 2014, there is a technology that is on the rise referred to as CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management Software. CMMS can help you be a better project manager and track performance and costs to help you improve and streamline operations. Although it is not as powerful as fully integrated technologies that are able to access every system of a company, it is not as complicated as these systems and can be controlled for one department rather than getting into a mess of multiple departments using the technology.

Mobile Applications/Security

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets cannot only help businesses be more efficient, but they can also help keep employees connected to project managers, and project managers to clients. There are many apps that help organize a multitude of users across multiple devices. They can also manage orders, delivery systems, have shared calendars so everyone can see what is happening for everyone that is a part of the system, and maintain production/shipping schedules.

But, one thing to remember is that security is a must for these apps in order to prevent criminals from accessing your sensitive project and business data that is on your mobile networks. Making sure that you develop security policies for mobile devices with your employees and clients, encrypting the data, and making sure that software is up to date at all times can help with security.

Information Storage

A great technology that has become huge for both small and large businesses is cloud storage. Data is stored across multiple servers and usually different sites, keeping the computers in your company free of large amounts of data that can fill up hard drives and make computers slower. One of the best aspects of cloud storage is that if you have access to the internet, you can access your cloud and the data stored there from anywhere. Across the United States and the world there are companies that provide cloud storage but some of the biggest and most popular ones are Microsoft SkyDrive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3.

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