Project Management Methodology: What’s The Right One for Digital Agencies?

Advertising is one of the core pillars of the media and commerce industries. The demand for digital project managers is booming. As more and more organizations shift from traditional to digital, which increasingly need skilled managers to deliver digital projects. Today, Digital Marketing Firm is hiring digital project managers to help streamline all activities, deliver projects at a faster rate, and beat their competition.

What is Project Management Methodology?

In this evolving digital world, having the right Project Management Methodology is fundamentally essential. You could think of project management as a relatively new discipline. Yet, in reality, humans have been managing projects since before the Great Wall of China, and even before the pyramids of Giza, and probably before.

It is inconceivable that the pyramids were built in an ad hoc manner. Instead, you can bet that there were plans, programs, equipment, budgets, and all that would recognize today as project management.

In this article, we have brought together a list of tools that are known for helping creative and marketing teams stay up-to-date on their to-dos, tasks, and projects. Each project management software or tool mentioned below has an easy to use interface that is packed with unique features and offers regular updates.

In business, project management methodologies have different purposes that align with company goals. Some methods are suitable for rapid growth, while others focus on comprehensiveness. Selecting the appropriate one can be done only by assessing the needs of the team members, the project type, and its scope.

What methodologies should you know about?

After understanding the methodology definition, you should get now be knowledgeable about the most popular methodologies out there.

The methodology is a traditional waterfall method. It is a linear approach, which means that all processes direct in one direction. It is where the name of the next plan. This methodology was first used in the manufacturing industry. Due to its characteristics, it became easy for the processes of structure.

The main advantage of the Waterfall methodology is that every single and every step along the way is to assess before, and the needed details are pre-planned as it leaves no room for mistakes.

Who should choose this methodology?

The stages of the cascade methodology are up to large projects that already have clearly defined steps and appropriate documentation. Projects that work with timelines can make good use of the waterfall as well.

1.  Agile

Agile is the same as the Waterfall methodology from some points of view. It is focused on software development as well, and it emerged to fix the issues that people encountered with Waterfall. This methodology means to fill in the gaps that Waterfall has, which makes it more accessible. Agile is more iterative, focusing on collaboration and recognition.


  • Agile offers the flexibility of the desire of the developer of project management methodologies
  • Because that offers freedom, agile is almost risk-free
  • Project failure reduces to a minimum

2. Critical Path Method

Critical Path Method, also known as CPM, is a methodology that focuses on resources. CPM helps developers work with the interdependency of resources. The methodology consists of sorting tasks in a project based on dependency and timeline. Developers can use the critical path method to establish relationships between tasks that are dependent on each other.


  • First, it allows administrators to schedule all tasks better
  • Secondly, the fact that this methodology offers the possibility to prioritize some tasks and postpone others gives managers the freedom to make changes in the timeline whenever they are required

3. Hybrid

A combination of the previously listed methodologies would create the ideal one. The hybrid approach is both flexible and structured, making it suitable for a variety of projects. By combining the essential features, the Hybrid methodology, also known as Structured Agile, has the perfect attributes for projects that need rapid iterations.


  • The Hybrid method is highly flexible, which means it can be used with projects without ruining the rest of the processes
  • It takes the most significant characteristics of each methodology and combines it into a greater one

4. Integrated Project Management

IPM, which means Integrated Project Management is another methodology used in project management that brings something new to the table – encouraging creativity. IPM approach works as an integrated entity, as seen in an integrated creative campaign-nature. For example, incorporate marketing and advertising can be manufactured and then combined with the site or digital content.


  • It is a very transparent method, which means that the team members remain up to date with all the information associated with the project
  • Another great advantage of IPM is all project management methodologies are fully integrated and versatile


PRINCE2 is flexible, easy-going, and as much as a project method can be approachable. PRINCE2 is a project management method.  It helps you define who should be involved and what they will be responsible for.  It gives you a set of work processes through and explains the information you should be gathering along the way.


  • It provides continuous business justification
  • Learn from the experience
  • It carries well-organized roles and responsibilities
  • Full attention pays to their products and quality
  • Holds a much-personalized design that suits the product-specific environment

6. Lean

Lean is a methodology that can be useful on an everyday basis to maximize customer value. The waste and errors are going to be reduced to a minimum. Helps in creating customer value while using much less number of resources appears to be an ideal approach.


  • Lean is ideal for companies that only want to apply a set of principles for project management.
  • Unorganized companies that want to transform the way they carry out their workflow are the best candidates for Lean.

Evaluating the Project Requirements

To choose the appropriate methodology for your project, you have to know the result should look alike. Gathering project requirements will determine which method is most suitable for management. If you are uncertain about what’s going to happen, choose an iterative one, like Agile. Consult the project budget, schedule, complexity, and organization of industry whenever you select a project management methodology.


Picking the right methodology will influence which the project will become active. Following the above steps in choosing the project management methodology right, you cannot fail. All project managers should analyze the ups and downs of each method before making a decision.

Recommended Project Management Software

If you’re interested in learning more about top rated project management software, the editors at actively recommend the following:


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