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Book Project Management LiteProject Management Lite: Just Enough to Get the Job Done… Nothing More is a lean book that offers the reader a step-by-step guide to complete a project. Unlike other books that try to cram a wide range of topics, principles, and phrases in one book, PM Lite trims out all the usual specialized terms. Instead, it presents to the reader in plain layman’s language how to plan a project, work the plan, and close it out.

Book Details

The book is about 6” wide, 9” tall, and 0.3” thick. This paperback edition has 138 pages and was published on November 21, 2012. The cover shows a pile of smooth, thin, almost round stones, bigger on the bottom, smaller on the top, with leaves of a plant on a green background. The stack is similar to those usually found in Zen gardens and landscapes. The back cover has some descriptions about the content and the author.
ISBN-10: 1478129220; ISBN-13: 978-1478129226


$13.46 for the book version or $5.99 for the Kindle version


Target Audience

The book PM Lite will prove to be valuable for the beginning project manager who may have been given his or her first major project. It will be useful to professionals who find themselves suddenly, and perhaps accidentally, in charge of a project. This practical guide will be a significant help to PMs managing several projects at the same time and need a minimum checklist of tasks and milestone reminders to make sure not one project is left unmanaged. It is an essential book for those whose main focus above everything else is the completion of the project, nothing more.

What Customers Say customer Shamrock who bought the paperback edition describes it as “exactly what I need.” As a neophyte PM, the customer found it easy to read and cuts right to the chase to get to the heart of the matter of getting the job done.

John Sperger (Amazon) who also bought the paperback gave it 5 stars, one of the many who wrote a review of the book. He further recommends that if people are looking for a basic PM book that will get them through most projects, “this is the perfect one.”

Two other customers found Bob’s review and 5-star recommendation useful. He describes it as “perfect for people who must manage projects in addition to their regular work.” He found the forms included helpful, and decided to buy the paperback even though he already bought the Kindle version.

Content, Approach, Style

Although the book’s title indicates a less comprehensive scope in discussing project management, the Table of Contents showed that the essentials are covered. The basics about what a project is and how to start it correctly begins the first sections. There is a section of how to plan the project, an extensive discussion on how to work or execute the plan, and then how to close it properly. There are additional sections also on how to manage time, leverage technology, and get support.

PM Lite is written with only the most basic PM terms, without the jargon that can slow down, confuse, or make reading harder for the new or accidental project professional. It is written in the best practical way, so that the reader can apply immediately the concepts and instructions to the project.

Why Buy the Book

The principles, processes, and practices of project management are now being required by many organizations in their pursuit of excellence, high standard, and competitiveness. However, not every one is given the training or adequate preparation to manage projects and teams to achieve these lofty goals. Project Management Lite is a survival guide of sorts that will help anyone to start, execute, and end the project with a high chance of success. The book has remained in Amazon’s top 50 best sellers in PM for a long time. The more affordable Kindle edition is now in the top 20.

Books that Complement

Project professionals who have gotten through well a few important projects and are now ready for more can build on what they learned from PM Lite with Strategic Project Management Made Simple by Terry Schmidt, PMP.

Another excellent companion to this book is Eric Verzuh’s Fourth Edition of The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management. The bare bones approach of PM Lite will be complemented by discussions on finding the right sponsor, clarifying project goals, and setting realistic schedules and budget.


Juana Clark Craig is a project manager and PMP with more than 25 years of experience working with companies including those belonging to Fortune’s list of top 500 enterprises. The projects that Ms. Craig has personally managed have been provided with budgets that ranged from 10,000 dollars to multimillion dollars. From these projects, she has gained vast knowledge and experience which she imparts also through coaching, mentoring and training other project managers, both experienced and new, to help them and their organizations have greater project success. She is also with Practical Guidance LLC., a company that offers PM training services.

$13.46 for the book version or $5.99 for the Kindle version


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