Project Management in Small Organizations

Do you think project management is only limited to large businesses and huge organizations? If yes then think again. Project management has been used by government agencies and large organizations since a long time but don’t you think it is unfair for the small organizations as they also have the equal right to grow in the market? Project management is a matter of monitoring and supervising project tasks irrespective of the size of your business so either you have a small business or large, project management can help you in both the situations.

The reason why small organizations avoid project management is budget. They have limited budget so they cannot afford any extra expense as they consider project management an expense. There is a need to create awareness among the people and to let them know that project management if done efficiently may result in huge revenues and small organizations can also take benefit from it. While talking with some of the business owners of small organizations, I was shocked to know that they do not use any project management tool. Instead, they use the old methods for managing their team. As a result, they grow steadily. If you are running a small organization then still I suggest you to hire project managers for executing your project as their professionalism will increase the productivity of project which is obviously in your benefit.

Quick Checklist for Implementing Project management in Small Organizations

The salary of project management is relatively high due to which small organizations cannot hire them but still there is nothing to worry about. Being a business owner and a leader, you may also act as a project manager. Don’t worry; I have made an action plan by following which you can easily apply project management in your organizations. The project management tools are very simple and easy to learn, I am sure you can easily adopt them. Just have a look on the following points.

  1. Analyze your business and specify any single or two areas that need project management the most.
  2. You may start by following a simple approach for project management as you lack experience so you will not be able to handle complicated project management tools.
  3. Use only that project management strategy which always gives good results and which is already used by large number of organizations as adopting a totally new strategy can be risky.
  4. Give more attention to those team members that are less efficient in order to increase their productivity.
  5. You may also use internet and computer software for planning, organizing, leading and controlling the project. There is a large number of easy to use project management software available in the market.

By following these steps, you can introduce project management in your small organization without bearing any extra cost.

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