Project Management: How it Brings Stability in Your Business?

Why do we need project management? Just tell the team what to do, give them a deadline, prepare an excel sheet, and you are done.


Most organizations think alike. They consider project management as unnecessary as it is unworkable. They think it as another time-consuming and money wasting activity distracting teams from their core work. If you have a similar mindset, let me tell you a true story.

Peter Daisyme is a co-founder of Hostt, a California based web hosting company. He shares his troubles of not having an efficient project management system. In his story, Peter goes back to the days when he was devoid of skill set & knowledge because of which he used to rely on excel sheet as his one and only project management tool. He was keeping track of everything going on his company ranging from employees to projects. Till the time, his company was small, everything was going well. As the company began growing further from 20 employees, Peter started facing serious issues that lead him to near-end of his company. He found it almost impossible to keep track of all parts of the organization using a single tool. He even observed deteriorating flexibility among team members due to limited beliefs towards project management.

Before it’s too late, Peter realized his mistakes and started including an effective project management system to save his company of a big fall. Soon, I will tell you how.

Importance of a Project Management System

Project Management is a roadmap to reach final goals for the entire organization. Without project management, no one knows what to do, when to do, at what time, and how to maintain quality simultaneously. Project management clarifies vision, goals, and leadership decisions of the company. It makes sure that each team member is giving its best while working on the project. It helps leaders to keep track of what’s going on, how far they have reached, and how far is yet to go.

In short, project management eliminates the random work process of the company.

Quality Control and Risk Management

In the hustle and bustle of delivering projects on time, team members often forget about risks and quality factors attached to projects. They just complete it for calming down the ticking clock. And they shouldn’t be blamed because all they worry about is the company’s reputation and commitments to the client.

Quality control and risk management are crucial parts of the project management system. One can easily identify the risk and prevent them from turning into a big issue only if you have developed an effective project management system. Regarding quality, project management gets the best out of each employee which results in maintaining high-quality standards of the project.

Top Project Management Software

Set up your team’s vision and goals with these Project Management Tools.

How to Adopt a Successful Project Management System?

First of all, adopt a project management mindset to improve coordination, documentation, and accomplishment of projects. For e.g. whenever you see a time-consuming and data relevant task, think of how you can manage it with a least effort possible. The best approach is to leave your employees for creativity tasks and unburden them from managing activities.

Next thing is to embrace automative tools to reduce workload from teams and project managers. Peter Daisyme, the co-founder we were talking about earlier, started collecting tools like Zenhub, Quire, etc., to manage projects more efficiently, and to make sure each project is finished on time without compromising quality.

Automative tools work like a time management machine which is crucial for increased efficiency and productivity among team members.

Now comes the step to clarify your company’s vision so that you can build goals that lead to accomplishing your vision.

Here’s your checklist to review your vision and make sure it is:

  • Relevant
  • Understandable
  • Actionable
  • Attainable

Once you verify your vision, take your step towards building goals which are in harmony with your vision. Your goals must revolve around the achievement of your vision. This is where you need SMART Goal approach.

SMART goal approach is a system you have to define to accomplish each of your goals. Let’s say for e.g. you set a goal to complete one project within a certain time period. You have to be specific on which project you want to complete, measure the time and efforts it will take, which team is relevant to the project, how to attain the daily tasks related to projects, and at last, to which day it should be completed. Define it all to give your team members a clear direction.

Note: Divide your goals into short-term objectives and daily tasks to attain projects which take you close to goal completion each day.

Here you have a whole map for everyone to walk on. Vision, goals, automative tools, and other project management strategies will make sure that everyone in your organization is on the same page. And goals will be accomplished on the specified time. It also reduces waste of time, increases productivity, and fastens the entire process up to a great extent. After adopting this approach, you will start walking on the never-ending improvement path – something only successful companies achieve.

3 Things to Take Care of While Adopting a Project Management System

  • Make sure team members are collaborating with each other while working on the same project
  • Allow them to share their views, ideas, or improvements needed on projects
  • Keep your clients updated with progress to prevent any chances of errors and issues. Also, share your suggestions with them.

To Conclude

It may take a little while to set a project management system considering the fact that you are habitual for random processes. But once you implement it successfully, you will swear not to leave it ever again at any cost. In fact, you will only go on improving it more and more day by day.

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