Project Management for Trainers 2nd Edition- A Book

Project Management for Trainers 2nd Edition aims to help readers learn a structured approach on how to properly begin and define training projects. Trainers are now taking on unique and complex projects for their clients. Most of the time, they are taking on multiple projects concurrently. Ad-hoc practices are insufficient and ineffective. This guide enables trainers to use project management processes to allow them to maintain focus on their client goals by learning to build a project charter, create a project schedule, and conduct a post-project review for lessons learned. This second edition also includes chapters on managing consulting projects and external suppliers.

Book Details

The paperback measures 7 in. wide by 0.4 in. thick by 10 in. long. It weighs about 12.6 ounces. It has 160 pages divided in 9 chapters, an introduction, and an appendix. Aside from paperback, it is also available in Kindle format. This second edition was published by the Association for Talent Development in January 2016 in the English language. ISBN-10: 1562869485; ISBN-13: 978-1562869489


$25.75 for the paperback version and $15.37 for the Kindle version

Target Audience

Project Management for Trainers is specifically for training professionals and learning facilitators. This approach was developed as an in-house tool by the author who runs a learning consulting company. She has documented her PM process and wrote a book to share it with people who are in similar situations and have similar business needs.

What Customers Say

Elizabeth B (Amazon) gave it 5 stars and stated that she liked the interesting exercises. She described the book as practical, with the exercises and principles readily applicable to general project management, not just for training or learning designs. She points also to the nice templates that readers can easily follow and use.

Dennis C (Amazon) described Project Management for Trainers as a great study guide for a quick refresher on project management for training development.

Kristie M (ATD) stated that the book is a great addition to a trainer’s toolkit. As an instructional designer and trainer, she stated that the book was helpful to her in making some of the unknowns out of the whole process.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Project Management for Trainers 2nd Edition is divided into an introduction, 9 chapters that focused on defining, planning, managing, and reviewing the project, and several templates for course development and managing external suppliers. The appendix contains a project charter template. This second edition includes updates including on interactive approach to development, Agile methodology on learning development, managing consulting projects and suppliers.

Approach/Tone: The author provides a direct approach that is informational. It also has an instructional approach through the exercises that is contained within. In fact, the best way to utilize the book, according to the author, is for the readers to set some goals for growing their own performance as they go through the pages.

Style: The chapters are self-contained, but also builds an overall picture of the project management process as one advances. The paragraphs are of readable length, topics are organized with proper headers, with bulleted lists, tables, and templates. Special terms related to training and learning development are present but are defined and clarified at the beginning.

Why Buy the Book

Project Management for Trainers 2nd Edition enables the intended audience to learn PM best practices, so they are more equipped to handle multiple projects that they are simultaneously developing, deploying, and reviewing post-deployment. They will also learn practical techniques for rolling out solutions that can be delivered through a variety of channels: instructor-led training, e-learning, video-based programs, webinars, and others.


Lou Russel is currently the Director of Learning at Russel Martin and Associates, a Moser Consulting Company. Since the acquisition by Moser Consulting of RMA in February 2017, Lou is also the Managing Practice Director at Moser. At RMA, she holds the title of President/CEO/Queen of RMA for 30 years. RMA is a privately held consulting firm based in Indiana that designs and delivers business learning experiences. She specializes in project management, leadership and teams. Lou is also a speaker and author. She speaks at national and international conferences, such as the PMI and Project World. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Purdue University. Lou also has a Master’s degree in instructional systems technology from Indiana, University.

$25.75 for the paperback version and $15.37 for the Kindle version

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