Project Management for Supplier Organizations – A Book Review

PM-for-supplier-organizations-logoProject Management for Supplier Organizations: Harmonising the Project Owner to Supplier Relationship is an amazingly informative book with a clear story line presented from the project client’s perspective. The book brings out the interestingly good story of Ownera (TM), a project client by exploring the challenges and giving out the solutions to the challenges faced by them and many other vendors who provide goods and services to a project. The book focuses on exploring how structure, culture and procedures of suppliers affect them and what they require to solve such challenges.

Book Details

This book was published by Gower pub Co; New edition (April 30, 2015). The hardcover of the book contains 282 amazingly informative pages that are written in clear and well-structured English. The book format and arrangement of the pages is one that promises a wonderful time while perusing through the perfectly understandable sheets. The front cover of the book has an amazing theme with a picture of a tree with widely spread branches that supply life throughout the tree just like supplier organizations for project management. ISBN-10: 1466591811; ISBN-13: 978-1466591813


$119.95 for the book version or $89.52 for the Kindle version


Target Audience

Project Management for Supplier Organizations is a must have tool for individual practitioners and project-based businesses. The book provides an amazing and the much needed perspective for both the suppliers and owners managing their roles in project management. For suppliers it offers a clear understanding of the significance of the projects they are dealing with and sets priorities. For owners it informs them on how to create mutual collaboration with suppliers to enhance their projects.

What Customers Say

Steve Pears, Managing Director of Talent Technology Services Limited, states that this book touches on the realities of project management by addressing the key issues that cannot be controlled by rules and procedures, including the interaction between people, the relevance of organizational structures and the importance of stakeholders.

Paul Naybour, Parallel Project Training, UK says that this book offers the solution to the conflict between the owner organization and the contracting organization as it brings a balance between the two parties allowing them to mutually benefit.

Neil Murdy, ABB Global Process Template Owner likes the book as it uses an entertaining and lighthearted approach to simplify complex concepts by using the author’s own models and secrets.

Content, Approach, Style

Project Management for Supplier Organizations gives the reader an easy going informative flow that gives the ability to understand and apply project management concepts especially with regard to supplier organizations. The book uses the new supplier organizational project life-cycle model to bring understanding and new insights about the role of the supplier.

The book uses amazing models, insights and informative author secrets that open up the world of suppliers for project management giving the reader the ability to contextualize the situations and value their applicability. The insights, frameworks and models explained in this book gives suppliers the opportunity to unlock their potential and thus realizing the applicability of project management tools and techniques.

Why Buy the Book

Apart from its fair pricing this book explores an area that very few books on project management have dealt with. It talks of breaching the gap between the suppliers and owners, an area that has been ignored over the years by many authors.

Books that Compliment

Effective Project Management by Robert K. Wysocki is a great supplementary book to Project Management for Supplier Organizations as it delves into the concepts of modern and dynamic project management.

Strategic Project Management Made Simply by Terry Schmidt gives the reader an easy going informative flow that gives the ability to understand the building blocks of a project, as well as a logical framework to apply project management concepts as well.


Adrian Taggart is the author of the book. He is an experienced project management consultant who has managed and advised on national and international projects in sectors such as defense, engineering, and manufacturing. He is also a teacher of Project Management at M.Sc. degree level and a tutor for professional qualifications of APM and PMI.

$119.95 for the book version or $89.52 for the Kindle version


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