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project-management-for-smbs-bookProject Management for SMBs is a guide for small- and medium-sized companies to take advantage of PM disciplines, methodologies and processes best suited for their structure. Unlike larger enterprises, SMBs may find their companies in great peril if even a single project costs more than the budget or takes longer than its schedule. Project management and PM skills are critical to be competitive and for survival for any company of any size. However, SMBs require a different practical approach without the complexities and bureaucracy that is usually present in large firms.

Book Details

This first edition paperback is 6 inches wide, 0.4 inch thick, and 9 inches tall, with a shipping weight of 10.2 ounces. It has 154 pages divided in 5 chapters. It was published by Zannac Books in December 2015 in American English. ISBN-10: 0992802334; ISBN-13: 978-0992802332


$14.99 for the paperback version


Target Audience

Project Management for SMBs is for business owners and managers of small- and medium-sized companies in the business of creating products or delivering services. Most companies in the US and Europe are SMBs with employees of less than 250. Many of these companies do not have a dedicated or experienced project manager. Also, many focus on task-based pieces of work rather than a larger collaborative project approach.

What Customers Say

TheOptimist (Amazon) described the book as an excellent source of all the project management info he needed in one place. The reader observed that most PM books are written for large organizations. As an inexperienced project manager, he found in the book a great amount of useful information based on the author’s experience, warning him of potential pitfalls, and leading him through all stages of the project.

Angel B. ( stated that the book is unique in that it is not based on a PM framework like the PMBOK, but on practical experience. The book is still based on standards and best practices, but provides practical and actionable value. It also recommends the RAID tool and a combined waterfall and agile approach that is unique but gets the desired results.

Elizabeth H. (The Money Files) stated the premise of the book is good with many good common sense advice. It takes the reader through the whole project life cycle. Also, there are many helpful documents and links to free online versions at the end of the book.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Project Management for SMBs is divided into 5 chapters. First, it introduces to the reader what a project is, the role of the project manager, and the project delivery process. Then, it proceeds to a discussion of project governance that also includes the topics of risk, change control, quality and portfolio management. Finally, it ends with a chapter of soft skills and helpful documents and other resources.
Approach/Tone: The author used past experiences and examples to convey the importance of project management in the success and growth of a business. The message is directly conveyed as well as lessons learned especially for SMBs.
Style: The text are in paragraphs of short, readable length. Topics build on top of one another, and ideas flow smoothly as the reader goes through chapter by chapter. It emphasizes a practical approach but still based on recognized project management standards. Quotations, images and illustrations help in relaying the ideas and making for an easy read.

Why Buy the Book

Project Management for SMBs is a practical guide especially for small- and mid-sized companies with a relatively few personnel. It lays a good, solid foundation of project management process helpful for smaller firms, but repeatable and practical enough without the much overhead required for large enterprises. It also provides options with a coverage on Agile and Waterfall development approaches as well as additional recommendations and resources.


Gren Gale is an experienced project and programme manager based in Guildford, UK. Gren has been managing projects and programmes for more than 30 years. He has worked with different firms such as Logica, Admiral, Legal & General, Barclays and ING. His projects ranged across disciplines and industries including IT, Business Change and Marketing. Gren is the owner of PM Results, a PM consultancy and training company in the UK. He is also a certified Professional Scrum Master and PRINCE2 practitioner. Gren Gale is on LinkedIn.

$14.99 for the paperback version


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