Project Management for Global Rollouts

Global rollouts need to be addressed very carefully and in an absolutely planned and vigorous manner so as to reap the benefits. It is always better to tie up with an experienced partner when you are planning on a project this large scale. Even with the backing of an experienced partner there are a few metrics, aptly named CLOGS which need to be monitored so as to ensure that your global rollout initiative is a success.

Customization: Though the project is a global roll out, the plan should include those features which will not be customized and which can be customized. The core objects should not be customized but the other aspects can be customized if it is required by the users or the business or as per the regional regulations. This is very important for the success of the project as a whole.

Localization: For any project to be a success, the project should be useful. This is true even for a global rollout. The rollout should be useful across the different regions and the users should be able to use it. To ensure this is the case, due stress needs to be given to the various local requirements such as the language, legal requirements, government regulations, currency issues etc. Only if these factors are considered and suitably addressed would the local users benefit from the rollout.

Organization: Most often the reason for the failure of a global rollout is the absence of standard organization structure. Because of the differences in the organizational structure in the different regions, there is a lot of complexity in the roll out which is often difficult to manage. For the rollout to be a success, it is ideal to go in for a common standard in terms of the organization structure and the corporate policies.

Globalization: There should be a right balance between the multiple and single instances of the applications. The common business practices should be addressed along with the local currencies and languages so as to create global business model that can be copied across multiple instances. There should also be a provision for a global helpdesk to support any queries or issues that might rise.

Standardization: This is the vital aspect for the global rollout to be a success. Identifying and applying the standard set of processes to be implemented across the world at all the locations is critical for the success. Once this is mapped, the next step of following the right methodology for implementing the same is a far simpler task. Some of the important points to note are the chart of accounts, master data, security standards etc.

Taking care of the above mentioned five aspects means that there will be no clogs in your project!

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