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project management 2-0 book coverProject Management 2.0 provides an updated and more relevant framework that takes into consideration today’s technology, work settings, economy and other factors. It is a full-color guide that discusses early PM history, the growth of the profession, changing requirements, a comparison of PM 1.0 and PM 2.0 methodologies and more. The book presents information and tools that can help today’s project manager increase efficiency and improve outcomes through a better approach.

Book Details

This first paperback edition was recently published in January 2015 by Wiley Publications. The book has 336 pages and is about 0.7 inch thick. The front cover displays the name of the author at the top and the title at the middle part of the book with large blue fonts on white background. Below the title is an image and a large “2.0”, with the subtitle below it, the IIL logo at the bottom left and the publisher’s logo at the bottom right. ISBN-10: 1118991257; ISBN-13: 978-1118991251


$70.80 for the book edition


Target Audience

Project Management 2.0 is for all levels of project managers, beginners and experienced, working in small or large organizations, managing simple to large projects, especially those collaborating with virtual teams and using web-based technologies.

What Customers Say

Erik1988 described the textbook as a very good reference containing PM methodologies with good comparison charts and many other relevant discussions, including how to be a PM in an R&D project.

Jenny J.J.I. stated that what she particularly liked about the book is how it covered the differences between PM 1.0 and 2.0, how the PM should be placed in the right organizational context, and how the chapters are well organized.

Ginger Levin described it as an outstanding, must-read book that recognized the changing times, how best to navigate them with updated methodologies and tools, and which metrics to apply so that projects contribute to goals and objectives.

Content, Approach, Style

Project Management 2.0 is divided into 12 chapters. The book starts with a discussion and story about change. This topic, as well as how to best adopt to change, is a consistent theme. Chapter 1 gives a brief history of the early version of project management and then introduces PM 2.0. The succeeding chapters discuss the changing times and new developments in project management, understanding success and failure, the concept of value and value-driven PM, and so on.

The discussion and differentiation of PM methodologies are presented very well by the use of charts and colored diagrams. The text is easy to read, in paragraphs of average length, with topic headings, bulleted lists, and figures and tables. The coverage of the topics is comprehensive, and the discussion is presented in reference to changing times, the limitation of older methods, how the project manager fits in the organization as an agent of change, and the value and benefits of a new approach in PM.

Why Buy the Book

Project management has grown and developed as a profession over the years. However, the world, economy, business, and technology, to name a few, also have not remained the same. Project Management 2.0 is a timely and relevant reference for the project professional to be familiar with and have a better understanding of the available tools and information today to have a better outcome in managing projects.

Books that Complement

The PMBOK Guide 5th Edition is a must-have reference for all project professionals.

Dr. Heaslip’s Managing Complex Projects and Programs is another recently published book that presents ideas and solutions to deal with today’s new kind of project requirements.

Another excellent companion to this book is Project Management: A Systems Approach by Dr. Kerzner himself.


Harold Kerzner received his MS and Ph. D. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from the University of Illinois. He received his MBA from Utah State University. He started as an engineer at Morton-Thiokol and worked for several years in project engineering and program management. Dr. Kerzner is an educator who taught engineering at Illinois University, business administration at Utah State, and project management at Baldwin-Wallace University in Ohio. He is currently the International Institute for Learning’s Senior Executive Director for PM. He has presented numerous engineering and business papers, and has written/co-written many books in project management, including more than 50 college texts.

$70.80 for the book edition


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