Project Insight’s Two New Features Result in Greater Efficiency and Productivity

Project Insight, an online project management solution for mid-market enterprises, has added several great features in its latest version that is giving high-end project management systems a run for their money. Version 10 includes additional features and improved functions that can rival any enterprise portfolio and project management system in terms of capability and value. More than 20 new improvements have been included in the latest major release, still with the option of using it as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or having it installed on your own data center or facility of your own choosing. Two significant additions that are making Project Insight more flexible and effective are single sign-on (SSO) and internationalization features.

Single Sign-On

The use of single sign-on is a welcome feature for all users of the software. When project team members do not have to sign on or log in for every application they have to use, several benefits are obtained from the whole process. The most obvious benefit is that it saves time and effort. Users no longer have to keep multiple logins and passwords for each application they have to use. With one-time authentication, they are able to access all applications they need with the correct privileges they are allowed to have. Not only for users, but IT security personnel are benefited as well, with only one authentication process and database to secure.

Project Insight’s single sign-on feature is implemented on its SaaS edition. This means that when users sign on at the start of their computer session, they do not need to sign on again to use the application. This project management software will get the identity of the user through a federated identity provider such as Windows network login or other authentication services. Project Insight can communicate with Windows network login services using Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and instantly apply privileges accorded to a particular user. Aside from ADFS, it can also process other authentication services through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) such as used by Facebook or GoogleApps.


The next feature that creates great impact is internationalization and cultural setting options. As more and more organizations are establishing a global presence, the need to use different languages on the interface level is also increasing. A portfolio and project management solution such as Project Insight now has the capability to adapt to various languages, date formats, numbering, and currencies. With project teams spread across several regions and countries, it makes sense that the application they use can give them the option to work and communicate with the language they are most comfortable with. This improves team collaboration and further diminishes any chance of miscommunication.

Internationalization can be applied to Project Insight at several levels. Administrators can customize language settings such that column headings and data field names can appear in a specific language. However, on a greater scale, application administrators can specify a language and cultural setting for a user profile so that the whole interface will be displayed in the user’s preferred language. By exporting into Excel, translating, and then importing back into Project Insight, changing into any language or character set is possible.

The single sign-on and internationalization features are just two of the many enhancements in Project Insight’s latest version. This version also includes more customizable lists, dashboards, reports, and notification alerts. Version 10.1 now includes charts and graphs used in agile methodology.

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