Project Insight Updates Time Entry and Reporting Features in Version 10.2

Project Insight, a leading online project management software targeting the mid-market business segment has just announced additional features in its version 10.2. It seems only about a month ago that it announced new features for its 10.1 version, and here it is again, proving that being responsive to its customers is a commitment that the company takes seriously. The updated features were implemented on areas of the software that were most used by its customers, and these include customizations on time entry and reports submission.

New Time Entry Grid Features

Select and Rearrange Columns To Display. Project Insight allows team members to enter time as well as percent completion of their tasks in one page. This page can display many columns of project information. However, it is necessary at times to view only selected columns to immediately get and relate pieces of information. Version 10.2 now has a feature where users can select particular columns they prefer to be displayed on the page. For example, a user can select columns that show only the percentage complete of a task, if billable, and actual work hours. This feature to display a simplified view can save time from going over multiple columns of information.

project insight column selector


  1. Group Tasks by Project. This latest version also allows team members to group tasks by its project name. Many users of Project Insight requested this kind of feature due to the issue of encountering similar task names belonging to different projects. When team members are assigned to multiple projects that are similar in nature but for different clients, for example, they can encounter similar task names. Figuring out which is for whom can be puzzling. For example, a similar task called ‘Sign-off of all employees’ in two different projects can be assigned to a team member. By being able to group tasks by project, accurate data entry for each of the project can be made.
  2. Split Screen and Freeze Header. The Time Entry Grid can contain all the information pertaining to time and tasks of users. This page displays comprehensive data at a glance. However, it can be overwhelming at times if a task contains too many rows or columns. By right-clicking the column header, several display options can be made. For example, if a project has too many columns and rows, users can freeze the left most column, so they can scroll through all the columns to the right and still see the first column. Similarly, by freezing the column header, they can scroll all the way down and still see the header name of the column. This version also allows date customizations, such as setting only a certain date range to display, hiding weekend and other non-working dates, and options to match date ranges on the Time Entry Worksheet.
  3. Save and Submit Time Sheet. In Project Insight, project resources can enter their time in the Time Entry Grid or in the Time Entry Worksheet or in both, depending on their role as a resource of the project. This latest version now allows resources who enter time in the Time Entry Grid to also be able to ‘save and submit’ their time sheet, since the submission process is now standard for both forms of entry.

New Task Resource Report and Report Sharing Feature

Project Insight version 10.2 now adds a report that shows the percentage complete of a task assigned to multiple team members. Before, viewing the status of a task belonging to multiple owners can be difficult. This new feature shows the status of the task by showing which resources have not completed their part of the task. Therefore, the actual percentage complete of a task is more accurately determined.

Share Reports to Groups and Companies. Project Insight’s latest version also included a popular customer request for sharing reports. Since projects are always a collaborative effort, sharing documents and reports is a common task. Rather than individually putting a list of names of people to receive the report, sharing it with a defined group or company makes it easier and less time consuming. Any group name or company name properly defined in the Project Insight system will appear as a recipient and safely receive the report.

project insight share to groups and companies

Secure and Easy to Use

Since version 10, security features such as the single sign on has made using Project Insight easier. It now supports protocols like Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) and the WS-Federation specification. Therefore, the new version can securely identify and authenticate with many other systems without the need for users to log in every time they need to access another application.

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