Project Insight Adds Major Functions in Version 11

project insight logoProject Insight released Version 11 on December 10, 2013 with new functions and features to help teams and organizations operate more efficiently and productively. As a web-based project management software, it aims not only to provide software solutions but also responsive customer service. This upgrade is the result of several factors including 88 customer suggestions that it hopes will continue enhancing customer experience.

Create New Items
The latest Project Insight now allows user to create a project from a project request. Even before, the web-based project management software allows users to create a customized project request form that is routed and subject for approval. With Version 11, once the project request is approved, all fields will be carried over to the project add/edit form, so no double entry is needed, and chances of entry error are minimized.

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Also, Project Insight Version 11 can now create a workflow item. Previously, the project management software already has a built-in approval process that allows for centralized routing, commenting and signing off of project documents. The new feature allows users not just to track the routing and approval of a document but also create a dynamic form with custom fields, use visibility rules, have up to four tiers of parent-child relationships and be exported to PDF.

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Version 11 also now allows the creation of a task from an issue. There will be times that an issue will be discovered to be more complicated than usual, and it will entail more efforts that is better categorized and measured as a task. The latest Project Insight allows linking of the issue to a project, and creating a task under that project. The task form is automatically populated with information from the issue form such as the name, number and owner of the issue.

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Update Tasks and Status Easily
Users of the latest Project Insight can now update a task completely from the dashboard. They do not have to go through additional steps and navigate to another page. From the dashboard, they can enter new data for percentage complete or task status, comment or time. Also, team members have another option to update a task status other than by percentage complete, which can be a problem for some team members. Instead, they can choose a work status option that better describes the status of the task.

View Screens with Better Appearance
The appearance of the interface has been improved with smoother fade-in layers, shadows when a layer is called, rounded corners and bigger digits in the calendar box. Also, for a more fun online experience, social media avatars were introduced as options to placing personal photos in profiles. Display options were added to the dashboard, so users can pick which information they want displayed and produce a cleaner look. This may be necessary also, since more items can now appear on the dashboard, including boxes for project requests and workflows.

Customize Folders, Reports and Columns
Version 11 continues to incorporate greater customizability that will allow any user with the skill and permission to change the project management software into a true business solution. Users can identify and allow what specific items can appear in a specific folder and in what order. For instance a folder may have files, discussion threads and issues but not project requests. Also, customer requests for reports that can roll up by client and resource type or skill set have been included in this version. Moreover, in the budgeting aspect, estimated and proposed earned value columns have been added that will prove helpful in fixed price projects.

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These are just some of the new major functions added to Project Insight Version 11. The developers continue to listen to customer requests and ensure that users are able to manage their projects effectively with a software that can be used by everyone.

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