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progstudy-logoWith the level of competition in the Program Management industry reaching fever pitch, it is important for Program Management Professionals to find the competitive edge, and that is exactly what PROGstudy offers. As organizations continue to experience higher efficiencies from project-based operations, Program Management becomes a critical function. PROGstudy is an affordable, convenient and credible way to equip professionals with the skills necessary to efficiently and successfully manage programs.


PROGstudy is a comprehensive online course, which provides the necessary training in all the fundamental concepts associated with Program Management. It is a brand of VMEdu, a PMI Approved Registered Education provider; which was developed to deliver a certified, yet simplified approach to Program Management, while equipping students with the mastery level required for certificate exams.

PROGstudy Courses

The mission of PROGstudy is to empower professionals through the education it provides. The ability of student to access the courses is therefore a core concern and this is why PROGstudy offers two very economical options for online study. Option 1 is the Program Management and 25 PMI PDUs which includes an online certificate at a cost of only $150.00 and lasts 3 months, while option 2 is the Program Management and 25 PMI PDUs which includes a physical certificate mailed to the student’s address at a cost of $200, and is also for 3 months.

Convenient and Comprehensive Course Outlines

The course is designed to provide students with the convenience of choosing when they study the course and it is strategically divided into 5 knowledge areas. PROGstudy is a complete package. It includes simplified study materials such as notes, guides, diagrams, case studies and evaluation tests for each section completed. While some Program Management concepts are usually considered difficult to grasp, PROGstudy has developed a course that provides clarity and knowledge to persons who wish to be effective Program Managers.

Grasp the Knowledge Through Case Studies and Tests

Students are tested on the concepts taught in each section and are allowed to take the test as many times as they require to pass it before moving on to the next section. Again the emphasis is on ensuring that the student fully grasped the information. Case studies as well as questions are included in these tests. The case studies are designed to make the concepts learned in the course real to the students. They also enhance the learning experience. The detailed case study at the end of the course is particularly useful as it is very comprehensive. These features increases the students’ chance of success in the course, and the certificates earned can be used to pursue further PMP certification.

PROGstudy Affiliations

Combining technology and innovation to deliver simple and clear concepts of Program Management is the key characteristic of PROGstudy. The course is certified by experts and affiliated with other notable courses such as those offered by PMStudy and SCRUMstudy.

The Training Course of your Choice in Program Management

The PROGstudy course has become the Program Management course of choice for working professionals because of the emphasis that is placed on the mastery of core concepts. The program was clearly developed with a vision to create successful Program Managers and the formula has worked and continues to work for the many Program Management experts who have successfully completed the course at their own pace and convenience. Success in Program Management is the ability to manage all the variables involved effectively and achieve the organizational objective. PROGstudy develops this ability in students and also prepares them for further advancement in the field.

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