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professional-wordpres-logoProfessional WordPress – Design and Development was written for the various players in the IT industry and in particular those involved in blogging and web development. The WordPress content management system has many benefits which may be unearthed by users with the right tools. The ability to maximize the benefits of this application has become a measuring standard for professionals in the industry, and therefore, the choice of reference material has become a critical decision for users. This book is one of the top rated reference tools for professionals in the industry.

Book Details

On April 5, 2010, Wrox Publishers published the first edition of Professional WordPress – Design and Development. The book consists of 412 pages and is published in English. It has a shipping weight of 1.5 pounds and is 0.8 inches thick. The front cover has a black and red design with the image of an antique typewriter keyboard at the top half and “Professional WordPress” in large font imprinted on the bottom half. The authors’ names are printed on a black strip across the extreme bottom of the cover.


$30.31 for the Book edition and 25.99 for the Kindle edition


Target Audience

The name suggests that the book was written for professional web developers; however, the information it contains is wide-ranging and simple enough for new as well as intermediate level individuals to find it useful. People interested in learning the fundamentals, as well professional programmers who wish to experience the full potential of WordPress will find the necessary guidance and knowledge in this book.

What Customers Say

Kim Cantrell (Amazon) described Professional WordPress as an extremely detailed book, providing invaluable information for the WordPress designer.

Cyberdad (Amazon) said he found the book to be very good as it covers just about everything in detail and with clear examples. He added that it is the sort of book the he would like to use over and over again in his development work.

Jeremy Ward (Goodreads) called it an exceedingly helpful and well-written guide that covers the ins and outs of WordPress. He expressed his gratitude to the authors for putting together a manuscript which is invaluable to his career as a web developer.

Content, Approach, Style

Professional WordPress is deemed to be an extremely in-depth and detailed guide on WordPress development. It is focused towards professionals, as the name clearly suggest, rather than do-it-yourself kind of people. The book discusses the more advanced features of WordPress in extreme detail, which is why it is a priceless reference guide for professionals.

Users will find the book to be comprehensive in its contents, flexible in its approach, and yet, simple in the writing style. Professional WordPress begins with the rudiments of the software which new and intermediate users will find particularly beneficial. It then advances the ideas to look at the very make-up of the software to include the internal code flow and data structures. More advanced users will find the sections on plugins and customization as useful reference material as they seek to experience the full potential of WordPress. The book includes very practical examples which demonstrate how the software may be used with enterprise and social networking tools.

Why Buy the Book

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most useful software available for web developers, bloggers and IT professionals in general. Professionals who use the software will find the need to access information which helps them to unlock all its potential offerings. Professional WordPress – Design and Development is an all-inclusive source of information which provides the tools one will need to exploit the advantages gained from the use of WordPress.

Books that Complement

Individuals using this book may also find valuable follow up material in Teach Yourself VISUALLY WordPress written by Janet Majure.

WordPress Bible by Aaron Brazell also has complementary material which can enhance the benefits derived from the use of WordPress.


The author team for Professional WordPress – Design and Development are all consistent users of the software. Hal Stern has been writing for almost 20 years. He uses WordPress to blog about his adventures in golf, ice hockey, and food. He is a vice president at a technology company. Co-author David Damstra uses WordPress as the foundation for many of his web based projects which he leads as the manager of Web Services for CU*Answers, a credit union service organization. In this role he also manages a team of developers to create web sites and web applications for the financial industry. Brad Williams has been developing websites for over 15 years. During the last 5 years he has focused on open-source technologies like WordPress. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of

$30.31 for the Book edition and 25.99 for the Kindle edition


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