Productivity Hacks: A Project Management Plan for lazy people to become more Productive – A Book Review

Productivity Hacks: A Project Management Plan for lazy people to become more Productive is a guide on how to become more productive, by being able to produce more in less time or with fewer resources. The book focuses on habits, specifically the bad habits that make people less productive. After a thorough discussion of these habits, its causes, and its symptoms, the discussion moves to the topics of goal setting and day-to-day planning to achieve one’s productivity goals.

Book Details

This Kindle edition is about 2.363MB in file size, or an equivalent print length of 84 pages. The contents are divided into an introduction, 3 chapters, and a conclusion. Aside from the Kindle format, it is also available in Audible audiobook, hardcover, and paperback formats. The book was self-published by the author in February 2018 in English, and the e-book is sold by Amazon Digital Services. ASIN: B079W6F74Z


$4.99 for the Kindle version, $0.00 for the Audible audiobook, $29.99 for the hardcover version, and $14.99 for the paperback version

Target Audience

Productivity Hacks is for a wide audience of readers, in particular, for people who want to get less busy while accomplishing more. It is for students, professionals, parents, volunteers, and anyone who believes they need to and can be more productive to enjoy a more balanced and stress-free life.

What Customers Say

Tara (Amazon) stated that there are some good advice and information, especially in the later sections of Productivity Hacks, which are goal setting and planning. She was distracted, however, with the presence of early and often grammatical errors in the book, wondering how they got through grammar and spelling editing prior to publishing. She also does not totally agree with the bad habits mentioned by the author.

Heidi (Amazon) described the book has had many good, solid and helpful tips and ideas. Breaking down bad habits into more specific groups, like bad morning habits, or bad working habits, helps in identifying them. It also has good blueprints for creating goals and tips in following through. However, she finds some recommendations either confusing or impractical, such as working out 3 hours a day. She believes the book has many good topics packed in a short read but does not recommend following every suggestion to the letter.

Jessa F. (Amazon) described it as a great book for people who are able to follow a strict schedule. However, for those who are still looking for ways to learn how to get on a strict, disciplined schedule, she believes this is not the book for them. She adds that if people can already follow a strict schedule, then it is a battle more than half won.

Content, Approach, Style

Content: Productivity Hacks: A Project Management Plan for lazy people to become more Productive is a short read. It puts more focus on the causes of why people are less productive, which are bad habits. Almost half of the content is dedicated to the different bad habits, such as bad morning habits, bad working habits, bad wake up habits, bad Internet habits, bad social habits, and many more. Good goal-setting advice constitutes a quarter of the content and another quarter on creating and following through a master plan to increase productivity.

Approach/Tone: The author presents his discussion and suggestions as an expert that is providing valuable advice and lessons. He reveals information to the readers and gives recommendations, that if followed, will produce the promised benefits.

Style: The book is well organized, discussing the causes and symptoms before the cure and a detailed solution. The topics are clearly divided. Paragraphs are of short length. The author uses enumerated lists and discusses each item concisely. There are noticeable grammatical errors, and some statements can be confusing for lack of detail, or poor choice of words.

Why Buy the Book

Productivity Hacks is a short book that can help people identify why they are accomplishing less despite putting in long hours. It reminds readers about the importance of having good habits or having less of the bad ones. It also has practical goal settings and day-to-day task management recommendations.


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$4.99 for the Kindle version, $0.00 for the Audible audiobook, $29.99 for the hardcover version, and $14.99 for the paperback version

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