Productivity and Increased Self-Esteem

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The Challenge: Life is difficult enough already, there’s no reason it should feel like suffering, too.

The Science: Research shows that people who keep busy with tasks but don’t feel rushed tend to be happier than those who have idle downtime.

The Solution: Use a daily planner to remain productive while boosting happiness and self esteem.

Life isn’t exactly a cakewalk for most people. It isn’t really a cakewalk for any human being for that matter. People all have their own trials and tribulations. They all have their own specific sets of struggles and insecurities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a millionaire or if you’re practically a peasant. Life can be a major challenge for anyone.

It can be tough to deal with expectations in life. That’s why there are many people who find it tough to be productive on a daily basis. They often feel disappointed when things don’t go their way. They often feel let down and depressed when things don’t come easily for them as well. These thought patterns can be dangerous for people. They can be detrimental. They can lead to further disappointment down the line, too. If you want your life to be a success story, you shouldn’t make the mistake of giving up. You should always be productive no matter what. People who win in this world are always the most determined and ambitious individuals. They’re not necessarily the most fortunate folks out there. They’re not even necessarily the most talented ones, either. They’re usually the people who simply refuse to give up. Being productive and tireless can do wonders for people who want to thrive in modern society. Productivity is something that’s absolutely priceless and indispensable. If you’re someone who has the ability to be productive daily, you already have a significant advantage that may not be readily apparent to you.

People often feel worthless when days, weeks and months go by and they haven’t done anything substantial. If you spend most of your time waiting around for good things to come your way, you may experience a lot of disappointment and sadness. Disappointment and sadness aren’t as familiar to people who constantly stay busy, however. If you make a point to always be busy and productive, you’ll have too much floating around in your mind. Feelings of negativity tend to pop up in people who don’t stay occupied. If you’re always busy, you simply won’t have the time and energy available to devote to unpleasant nagging thoughts.

Be Productive

Productivity can make people feel like they’ve achieved something. The little things mean so much. If you want to do well in this life, you should gain an understanding of the value of things that don’t always seem too significant. Minor steps all add up. They contribute to the big picture and nothing on earth is more essential than the big picture. If you want to pursue a satisfying and successful career as a theater performer, there are so many ways to feel productive and busy every day. It can help to go on regular auditions. It can be great to take classes that can help you hone your acting skills. It can help to speak with people who have already achieved a lot in your field. It can even be smart to search for managers and agents who can help you locate promising roles. It can do wonders for your self-esteem to simply know that you’re making an effort. Going out into the world and trying to make a name for yourself can feel so rewarding. Staying at home and wallowing in misery and self-pity, however, can feel devastating. It can make people feel pointless. It can make them feel forgotten and insignificant as well.

Be Organized

Organization is critical for people who want to be productive in life. If you want to become more organized but have no idea where to start, it can help a lot to invest in a trusty daily planner. A daily planner can give you the chance to write out all of your goals for the day. It can give you the chance to cross off your daily objectives after you’ve completed them as well. If you’re looking for a job and set a goal to send your resume to three different employers, you can record your efforts in your planner. A daily planner can be immensely helpful to people who want to make all of their aims feel “real” and “tangible.”

Take Control and Feel Good

Human beings feel good when they’re busy. They feel good when they take control of their own destinies. If you’re tired of feeling like life is passing you by, productivity may be the answer you seek. There are always so many rewards that come with enhanced productivity. Productivity can do a lot for your mind and mood. If you want to have self-worth that propels you forward, you have to make a point to care about yourself. If you don’t put yourself first, no one else will. That’s the reality of life. You have to set goals frequently. Start by setting goals that are realistic and attainable. These goals can help you zero in on what you really want out of life. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to pursue. You should always be 100 percent true to yourself and to what you want. Your happiness is the most important thing in the universe. People who feel happy can make others feel happiness. Joy is an infectious thing. You can’t make others feel good if you don’t have strong self-worth on your side. Self-worth is everything in this world. There’s simply nothing on earth quite like it. Go and get it right now.

Kristy Dickerson

Kristy Dickerson

Kristy Dickerson, keynote speaker, businesswoman, and active CEO and co-founder of STARTplanner, has devoted her life to providing hope for individuals who are looking to achieve balance, success, and happiness within their own lives.

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