Producteev Announce App for iPad Along with Other Additions

producteev-logoAfter analyzing the feedback from users who commented on the software via social media, the developers of Producteev got busy working on the suggested improvements. Through hard-work and with a lot of creativity, they have produced some updates which are sure to please the users of Producteev. These updates took a little longer than usual to be released but the value they add makes them worth the wait.

Producteev App for iPad

iPads are now as much a part of the work environment as smartphones, and to some extent they have started to replace desktop computers. That is what makes this latest Producteev update a winner – it is very relevant. The Producteev iPad app has now been released and will be a great and useful tool for the growing population of iPad users who are already experiencing the great benefits of using Producteev as a management tool. Much care was taken in the development of this app and the end result has all the characteristics of a well-designed and effective application for users. It is robust, useful and beautifully designed. Another big plus for this app is that it comes as an automatic update with the now universal iOS app for iPhone and iPad.



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Producteev Task Management Integration on Outlook

This unique task management integration for Outlook connects the users email, calendar and tasks in a new and innovative way. Producteev for Outlook which is available on Windows for Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 gives users the ability to turn their client email into an actionable and collaborative inbox. It allows users to create tasks from emails and also assign the task to team members. Action items which are included in emails will automatically Sync to Producteev, and a schedule for completing tasks can be created using the Outlook calendar. Additionally, Outlook can be used as a desktop companion which supports Producteev and allows smooth access to tasks, people and project tracking.

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Enterprise Grade features in Producteev’s Premium Plan Roll Out

Responding to strong customer feedback, Producteev has released its latest Premium Plans which have been designed with enterprise grade features. The Outlook integration along with personalized support and network interface customization are some of the top features of these plans. Producteev users who already enjoy the other great benefits of the software and would like to try out the interface customization and outlook integration features at no cost may do so by signing up for a 14-day free trial. Follow the latest updates from Producteev on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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