Podio New Workflow Features and Zapier Integrations

podio logoPodio is a social collaboration and project management software that allows users to set up workspaces that support how they particularly work. This is possible through the hundreds of free apps in the App Market which can be used to create the right mix of productivity tools relevant for a particular business. Users have more choices and control to tailor-fit just the right products and features their organization needs. The latest integrations and features make managing projects, interacting with people and running the business more effectively.

New Integrations Powered by Zapier

Podio launched a dozen new apps that range from creating Evernote notes to pushing MailChimp subscriber details to its CRM apps. These 12 new integrations are possible through Zapier, the leader in connecting and automating web apps without users having to write complex programs or codes. These new apps include integration with Evernote, Gmail, Google Contacts, Tasks and Calendar, GoToWebinar, Harvest Projects, MailChimp, Quickbooks Online, Trello, Toggl, and Twitter. From these new integrations, subscribers from this social collaboration tool now have more options to capture information and control processes of their business.

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To put this in practical example, every time a Gmail is received, which can come either from an internal or external client, a Podio item can be created for the project team. Running both ways, when an action is completed in the project management software, such as a completion of a task, it can also trigger the sending of a Gmail to notify the client such as for acceptance or billing. In another example, tweets related to the company’s Twitter page can be brought into the Podio workspace, let us say, to monitor a campaign or to collect feedback. Furthermore, the integration can also result in the creation of tasks from mentions on Twitter posts.

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New Workflows Feature

For 2104, Podio is aiming to help its customers automate recurring actions and tasks present in a team’s work routine. The initial step to achieving this is the new feature called Workflows. With this feature, the software can be instructed to do two things from certain triggers. It can automatically create a task or make a comment on an item. For now, the two possible triggers are the creation of an item or a particular update made on an item. This may seem limited at the moment, but more options are planned in the near future.

Workflows can really be a time-saver for many teams. For instance, in creating time estimates for clients, a Deliverables app indicates how long it will take to finish each deliverable. When the duration field is updated such that the estimate is changed, Workflows can be instructed to create a task that calls for the review and approval of the project manager. It can also be instructed to create a comment that a new deadline has been chosen for the particular deliverable. Even with only these two automations, the combinations and applications can result in significant time and effort savings.



On the Right Track

User feedback from the new integrations and Workflows feature are very positive. Those who have tried them are well pleased and are acknowledging its innovative efforts. Some have offered suggestions that may soon be available in the coming releases. In sum, Podio social collaboration and project management software seems to be tracking the right direction in helping people create the ideal cloud-based workflow for each one of them.

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