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pmpexam-logoPassing a PMP Exam can be very difficult, and preparing for it, very time-consuming. Many people have no idea where to start and what to do when preparing. There are many courses and seminars, both online and otherwise, where an individual can begin preparing, but one of the best providers for this kind of material is PMP Exam Lessons Learned. The website offers useful information on the process of taking the PMP Exam, PMP lessons learned, and other related information. The creator of the site has passed the PMP Exam and he created the page from his own experience, making sure that all the information and processes are straightforward and useful.

PMP Exam Lessons Learned

PMP Exam Lessons Learned was developed by Edward Chung, who is a web developer and project manager in the education sector in Hong Kong. He states that the reason he decided to develop this knowledge base was to help people who are trying pass their PMP exams find resources with ease on the internet, as he himself struggled to do so when faced with the same situation. Currently, it is the largest repository of PMP exam lessons on the internet.

CAPM Certification Exam Study Guide

PMP Exam Lessons Learned offers information on an entry level certificate for individuals who are in project management, but do not have the experience necessary for PMP certification. This certification is called the CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) Certification and shows the individuals understanding of the basics of project management. The application conditions for CAPM are a secondary degree, and 1,500 hours of project experience or 23 hours of attending project management education. Once acquired, the certification is valid for 5 years, after which the holder needs to take the exam again.

The Definitive PMP Certification and Study Guide

An extremely convenient and useful part of PMP Exam Lessons Learned contains an extensive guide which is designed to help aspiring PMP exam takers tackle some of the questions they might have. The Project Management Institute, which runs the PMPs, does offer participants a PMP Handbook, but unfortunately, this book alone is insufficient for getting a proper grasp on the material. PMP Exam Lessons Learned offers a guide divided into 10 simple steps which will guide the participant from the very basics into more and more detailed explanations, and will thoroughly prepare them for the PMP Certification process.

PMP Exam Aids and Lessons

This website hosts the biggest and most extensive online collection of Project Management Professional Exam lessons learned, with over a hundred lessons compiled from successful exam takers. The lessons and tips provide you with unbiased information on all the topics concerning PMP. This section is aimed at helping aspiring PMP Exam applicants by providing detailed lessons learned from previous exam takers, which they can then study knowing that these are proven and factual tips. All of the lessons provided are of high quality and thoroughly edited for user convenience. They are organized into 7 logical sections dealing with different areas of preparation, which have category questions for easier navigation.

PMP Jobs

PMP Exam Lessons Learned also hosts a database of PMP-related jobs containing over 10,000 listings. With its search bar, you can filter jobs by title or locations, and find something that would be most suitable for your skills and expertise.

The Best Collection of PMP Exam Lessons Learned

PMP Exam Lessons Learned is rapidly growing to become one of the most popular and trusted PMP Exam preparation pages on the internet. This is because the page is extremely user-friendly and provides easy, useful and informative courses and procedures for attaining complete and comprehensive knowledge of PMP material, allowing you to successfully pass the PMP Exam.

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