PMI’s PMP Exam is Changing! When, Why, What?

PMI-PMP-Exam-is-Changing-Blog-BannerPMP Certification, a credential that has consistently maintained its position among the top professional project management certifications available for project managers till date. Accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI), USA, the PMP certification is also ascribed against the ISO 17024 standard of international fame.

Owing to the poise and esteem that the PMP certification holds, it becomes indispensible for PMI to maintain the credibility of the credential; and in an attempt to do so; the institute keeps on modifying the PMP exam content every 3 to 5 years.

We all know that the PMP exam is changing once again, and this time the change owes to an RDS (Role Delineation Study) update. Let us explore the 3 W’s of the changing PMP exam i.e. When, Why, and What?

WHEN is the PMP Exam Changing?

As per the update which has been recently announced by PMI, the PMP exam content is about to change in January 2016. To be precise, candidates willing to answer the PMP exam in the current exam pattern shall appear for the exam on or before 11th January 2016. After this date, the PMP exam will change and will incorporate the newly introduced changes.

The date which was originally announced by PMI for the aforementioned change was November 1st 2015. But, PMI has now extended the timeline so as to provide the PMP aspirants with ample amount of time to better understand the changes and prepare accordingly.

WHY are the Modifications being introduced?

The changes in the exam content are actually an outcome of the Role Delineation Study (RDS) which is conducted to ensure that the PMP exam assesses as well as validates an individual on the skills and knowledge that are inevitably required to function as a project management professional. The RDS update thus ensures that the PMP examination measures all the aspects of project management in real life scenarios.

WHAT will be the Changes to the PMP Exam Content?

The RDS update hasn’t brought any changes to the Five domains of practice i.e. Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing. Eight new tasks have been, however, introduced under these domains.

Outlined below are the domain wise modifications that have been introduced:

  • Domain 1: Initiating the Project ‚Äì 3 Tasks added ‚Äì Task 2, Task 7, Task 8
  • Domain 2: Planning the Project ‚Äì 1 Task added ‚Äì Task 13
  • Domain 3: Executing the Project ‚Äì 2 Tasks added ‚Äì Task 6, Task 7
  • Domain 4: Monitoring and Controlling the Project ‚Äì 2 Tasks added ‚Äì Task 6, Task 7
  • Domain 5: Closing the Project ‚Äì No new Tasks added

It is important to note here that as this new change is due to an RDS update, it is bringing changes in the PMP exam content outline only. There aren’t any changes to the PMBOK Guide. Hence, The Guide to PMBOK, Fifth Edition is still current and active, and will form an important reference for the updated PMP certification exam post January 11, 2016.

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