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pmhut-logoThe word Project Management is extremely versatile. Yet, this is one of the most important skills needed in any company. At any given time, there may be many different types of projects being undertaken. Hence it becomes vital for any company to choose the right personnel to execute as well as head the development team. In order to make this process easier, companies need a source where they can access information related to their projects as well as train their staff on Project Management. It was with this vision in mind that the Project Management Hut came into being.

Project Management Hut

This company was established way back in April 2007. The founders of this company realized one simple fact: There are many different project managers in the corporate world with tons of experience in different aspects of project management. Yet there was no single platform where these managers could share their experience and train other project managers.  The company offers on-site training on the four basic aspects of Project Management. It also contains a vast number of articles written by Project Managers which can be accessed free of cost.

Training Project Managers Across the World

There is no replacement to on-site training.  Most companies believe that the online training method is an extremely cost-effective method. However, when it comes to Project Management, this option is extremely limited. Hence Project Management Hut, conducts the actual training in the company’s premises. All they need is a bare minimum of four students to conduct the course.

Focus on Strengthening the Basics of Project Management

Their on-site training program is divided into four modules. The first module talks about the basics, the second module talks about controlling risks and cost, the third module talks about understanding the requirements and making provisions for the same, and the fourth module delves deeper into risk management.  This step wise approach helps strengthen the understanding of Project Management.

A Proper Division of Articles

The founders and trainers at Project Management Hut knew that learning does stop with training. Hence, they have stored all the articles written from April 2007 till date under different categories. Some categories like HR, Integration Management and People Issues have further been expanded into sub-categories. This has been done to provide the correct guidance to the person reading that article. For example, People Issues is an important topic and hence it has been classified separately under HR

An Extremely Reliable Source in the Field of Project Management

The biggest USP of Project Management Hut is the experience attached to its writers and trainers. The individuals who contribute to the articles written and published in the website are in-effect sharing their knowledge and creating an experience bank which other project managers can rely upon.

If you wish to contribute to their article database or you want to know more about their training sessions, then you can leave your contact details on their website. However, it is important to read all their rules and regulations before submitting an article. Visit their Twitter account.

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