1. Pipeliner

Pipeliner is a powerful CRM that is designed for salespeople and sales management. It drives exceptional user engagement through its sales-friendly interface. With its uniform navigation and visual approach, users learn the system quickly which drives high adoption rates and faster ROI. Plus users can easily customize their views. Pipeliner’s mobile app with built-in AI offers the best solution when it comes to the challenges experienced by salespeople with regards to their customers. Dynamic visualized reporting and integration to many 3rd party applications are other key features of Pipeliner that distinguish it from the others.

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2. monday.com

monday.com is the CRM software your team needs to close deals faster! monday.com helps you efficiently manage all your leads, customer relationships, sales pipeline, and tasks in one place so you can focus on closing the deals and not other things around. With monday.com, you can organize all your work, whether it's contacts, leads, opportunities, or projects. Collaborate with your team members in context so that everyone is aligned, knows where things stand and what they should do to move work forward. Customize the form, and add the questions you want to ask, embed it into your site to capture leads. That's it! All the submissions from your website will be collected directly into your board. Use our Kanban view to manage your sales pipeline. Know at a glance what you should do next.

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