1. monday.com

monday.com is a powerful project management software that helps teams plan and execute projects that deliver results on time, whether they are in the office, home, or on-the-go. Its ease of use and flexibility means fast onboarding for your team and the ability to customize workflows your way. With powerful productivity features such as time tracking, automated notifications, dependencies, timeline views and integrations, your team can achieve better and faster results for every project milestone.

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2. Wrike

Wrike is an award-winning work management software used by 2.3 million professionals that enables teams to plan and track projects, collaborate in real-time, and automate reports. Wrike’s 100% scalable features include Gantt charts, Kanban boards, personalized dashboards, and custom request forms. Automate processes and get up to 50% more productive. Create 360° visibility with time tracking, budget management, and project portfolio analysis. Keep data protected with enterprise-level security features. Wrike’s solutions include Wrike for Marketers and Wrike for Professional Services, along with specific team templates. Integrate with 400+ apps from the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce. Used by 20,000+ companies globally. Free plans available, with paid plans starting at $9.80/user/month.

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3. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a leading work execution platform that has real-time work management features, collaboration and automation tools. Users are presented with a familiar and easy-to-use spreadsheet-like interface. However, it has enterprise-grade capabilities that even Fortune 500 companies like Cisco, Bayer, HP, and PayPal are confident to adopt in their business. Strong project management features enable teams to utilize different views of real-time data, and switch easily from Gantt, card, grid and calendar views. Smartsheet has automatic update requests, and can be used for waterfall and agile projects, product launch, sprint planning, and more. The resource management feature provides users the visibility who is busy, and who is not, in real-time. They can also attach files, share sheets, get notified, view the activity log, export, email, and print.

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4. Screendragon

Screendragon is a powerful work management platform designed to help teams plan, execute and deliver projects on-time and on-budget. It is suited to marketing, agency and professional services teams, but can be implemented for any kind of project. It is a fully integrated solution covering all aspects of project management including work requests, SOW creation, and project planning, portfolio management, task management, resource management and forecasting, automated review and approval workflows, budget management, reporting and more. It is used and loved by Fortune 500 companies and agencies like Kellogg’s, BP, The International Olympic Committee, and McCann World Group. Screendragon is highly configurable and flexible with advanced features like smart custom forms, personalized dashboards, granular permission levels, and powerful customized workflows. It has an open API and offers integrations with 1000’s of apps. Screendragon is rated 5 stars by customers on several top comparison sites.

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5. Asana

Asana helps teams orchestrate their work, from daily tasks to strategic initiatives. With Asana, teams are more confident, move faster, and accomplish more with less, no matter where they are located. More than 75,000 paying organizations and millions of organizations across 190 countries rely on Asana to manage everything from company objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns. Get started in minutes to try Asana.

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6. Pipeliner

Drives exceptional user engagement through its sales-friendly interface. With its uniform navigation and visual approach, users learn the system quickly which drives high adoption rates and faster ROI. Plus users can easily customize their views.

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7. ProjectManager.com

ProjectManager.com features powerful online project management, time-tracking and collaboration tools for managers and their teams. With real-time visibility, managers can ensure that their projects and their teams are always on track. Plus, team members love the ability to update their timesheets and tasks anytime, anywhere. It's easy to see why teams in over 100 countries, like NASA, Ralph Lauren, Volvo and Brookstone, rely on ProjectManager.com.

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8. Clarizen

Clarizen is more than a project/portfolio management solution. It's advanced work management approach lets you connect the dots between how your executives kick off business initiatives; how your orgs create plans to support company goals; and how your employees collaborate to execute those objectives. Clarizen's highly configurable solutions enable business agility so you can manage your entire work lifecycle: Drive Focus - Create a line of sight across the enterprise to share goals and increase accountability. Increase Effectiveness - Support different work methods to empower execution at the team level while also providing portfolio level progress across the enterprise. Respond Faster - Purposeful collaboration and real-time information highlights potential issues more quickly, helping you to realign and take action faster

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9. dragonboat

Need to manage ideas and connect OKRs, Agile, and Resources? Check out dragonboat - a modern Responsive PPM platform adopted by innovative teams. dragonboat offers end to end PPM capabilities from capturing ideas and product prioritization to aligning OKRs and allocating resources, and closing the loop with multi-level stakeholder reports. dragonboat is the modern solution for modern teams tying annual vision, quarterly plan, and sprints responsively. dragonboat supports robust bidirectional sync with Agile tools like Jira, Github, Clubhouse, automating manual work while reducing errors. Deliver products 2x faster and increase productivity by 40% with dragonboat. Learn more about Responsive PPM and sign up for your free 2-week trial today.

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10. Ravetree

Ravetree is an award-winning work management software platform that empowers teams to deliver work faster, be more informed, and spend less time searching for information. Companies use Ravetree to manage their projects, resources, and more.

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