Planview Clarizen Updates: Improved Planning, JIRA and Sharepoint Integration


Planview logoPlanview Clarizen, an award-winning work collaboration solution, announces an important update. Now available to all users, Portfolio Optimizer enables better forecasting by aligning projects with business objectives. Also added, improved JIRA integration and Sharepoint. Finally, Planview Clarizen cleaned up the navigation bar, calendar view, summary card, and the system for favoring items.

1.Portfolio Optimizer

Planview Clarizen created this addon to more effectively align resource allocation with planning. Using weighted business objectives and financial metrics, Portfolio Optimizer tests workload allocation and financial resources. Teams across an organization collaborate on the planning, and the optimizer provides quick and visible viability reports. Once approved, plans move easily from the sandbox to production. All of the attached profiles, timelines, and reports automatically follow.




2. JIRA and Sharepoint Integration

Planview Clarizen is on a mission to centralize planning tools. Prior releases enabled JIRA integration, but all activity ended up siloed in one instance. This update aligns activity across multiple sessions. The inclusion of SharePoint is another important part of this centralization. SharePoint content is easily accessible from inside Planview Clarizen. This improves team efficiency and productivity.




Planview Clarizen remains committed to providing a centralized and intuitive interface for project planning. Cosmetic improvements to the layout and the navigation helps customers quickly adapt to new features. The Portfolio Optimizer is a powerful tool that enables stronger resource forecasting. This improved forecasting ensures better alignment with business objectives. This also eliminates the manual shifting of attachments. Efficiently reducing manual work improves project accuracy. Furthermore, the integration of Sharepoint and the increased compatibility of JIRA is a significant improvement in performance capability. The planning process now takes place inside one application and the rest of the team can easily view and comment. This update is a major improvement in aligning teams, making planning more efficient and reducing errors. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+.

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