Planview Clarizen Software Latest Release of December 2013

Planview logoPlanview Clarizen announced new features and enhancements for its latest release, adding more power and flexibility to version 6. It is continuing to redefine project management and work collaboration at the enterprise level with its Work Funnel philosophy, and people seem to appreciate this. Its recent success at the 2013 Best in Biz Awards is a confirmation of its efforts in providing users an efficient way to work. And before the year ends, the latest release will provide its many customers exciting surprises.

New Chart Views

Planview Clarizen’s reports and dashboards provide real-time status on tasks, iterations, resources, and timelines across all active projects. With its latest release, users can now create reports on the fly in most modules, which include people, work items, customers and cases. This provides a valuable high-level overview of most data in any category. Users can build different views using different filters so they can analyze their data in the most meaningful way. Moreover, each view can contain two charts to for better visibility and interpretation.
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Planview Clarizen’s latest release gives the user the choice to display the results of a new view as a bar chart, a pie chart, or a scatter chart. For instance, when a scatter chart is selected, users can select three different parameters which are the x axis, the y axis and the color of each item. Furthermore, drill down into all charts is now possible.

Data Display Enhancements

Users are given more control in how they want to display the items in their page. A dropdown button at the bottom of every grid allows the user to display items in a result by 50, 75, 100 or all items. Choosing an option at a certain module carries the configuration across all other modules in the system. Therefore, configuring every page is unnecessary. In addition, a filter dropdown button on the left side of the search bar will turn green to indicate that results of a search are filtered. By placing the mouse pointer to hover on this dropdown will display a tooltip that provides the filter details.
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Planview Clarizen’s latest release now also displays the toggle switch just by placing the pointer on hover in grids, thumbnails, properties and many other places. One application for this is to use the toggle switch to update if a task is done by updating it directly in the grid. This leads to fewer mouse clicks and more work done in less time. Also, creating dependencies between work items is easier by simply clicking the Link button in the common tab instead of having to go to the relation panel tab of the ribbon.
clarizen screenshot 3

Time Reporting Improvements

For even greater visibility, improvements were done in the timesheet module to show gray-colored days prior to a work item’s start date. This enables the user to scan the timesheet easily and quickly notice which items have already started and which items have yet to start. However, if early reporting is allowed in the organization’s settings, users will still be able to enter hours regardless of the items start date or cell color. Another improvement is a setting to either determine automatically the percentage completion from actual effort or make the two independent of each other.
clarizen screenshot 4

More Features

Another improvement in this latest release is the addition of a search bar in the property card. This will search through all fields not only in the property card but will also show all fields relevant to the search. Another enhancement is the ability of users to add themselves to tasks that they were not originally assigned to. A new system setting in Time Tracking provides three options to add the user and split the work equally, add the user without affecting the assigned work of other resources, or to block or not allow this option at all. In addition to these new features are a new report, improvements on the social discussion groups, and enhancements to customizations to help Planview Clarizen continue to be a leading project management and work collaboration solutions provider.

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