Planview Clarizen Releases 2015 Mobile and Visibility Enhancements

Planview logoPlanview Clarizen online project management software continues to empower teams on a work platform where social engagement meets project management. Beginning January 2015, it has launched a redesigned enterprise-grade iPhone app that is dynamic, flexible, and customizable, aptly fitting for today’s 24/7 work environment. Improvements are gradually but continuously being released, with parallel work being done on the Android app to have the same functionality. Also, visibility enhancements for easy viewing and consumption of data have been made especially on resource load management views.

Latest Mobile Enhancements

In June, Planview Clarizen released great mobile enhancements so that its customers can get work done on the go. The latest release enables users to be redirected to the app every time a Clarizen link in an email or in a web browser is clicked. The users will be redirected to the app, which will open to allow them full access and consumption of information they need, the ability to update details, and the options to collaborate with the team. The mobile app requires one-time sign-on only, so when the users get redirected, the access will be immediate without the need for re-authentication when a previous session times out.

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Searching in the mobile app has also been enhanced. Global search capability has been added so that mobile users can easily search for a project, request, file or any object from a central place, a similar experience when using the web version. From the main navigator, users can find objects or items using their name or ID. Results that appear can be further narrowed down by grouping them based on item type.

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Planview Clarizen provides a work platform where collaboration drives results. Thus, users now can take pictures of their collaborative work, post it on the project’s news feed, and notify the team and other project participants. The ability to link images and notify people when writing or replying to a post is clear example of the company’s efforts to improve social collaboration capabilities in the mobile app and make it more effective.

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Newest Visibility Enhancements

Resource Load View

This July, Planview Clarizen also added enhancements for increased visibility of project resources and data. Resource management is a critical component in attaining a successful project. To make sure that tasks, deliverables and milestones are completed and achieved on time, people should be able to function up to their optimum without getting overloaded. Project managers now have access to a fully interactive and updateable tool that allows them to view and report on resource load data, as well as simulate load scenarios by filtering work items in and out, and reassigning tasks on projects with drag-and-drop action.

clarizen resource load 1

The new view options can have a split screen view of the actual work plan in the resource load view. Users can freeze a display column to provide context of users and work items while analyzing load across a period. They can filter data based on any field, project or date range, and view data based on Planned work or capacity, while controlling load units in FTE, Person days, Hours or percent allocation.

clarizen resource load 2

Numeric Formatting

Planview Clarizen‘s latest release added enhancements on how users can format numeric fields. The benefit is that data presented is easily understood in a context that provides clearer meaning while still able to maintain full data integrity of the values and numbers. Options for this new numeric format feature include number separator for long numbers and decimal places. Users can prefer to round numbers to thousands, millions, or billions when the exact long number is not as important to display. It also allows full control of the decimal value for extreme precision or for acceptable rounded values. The numeric separator setting can be defined for the organization, but can also be overridden in any view where columns can be defined.

clarizen numeric format

You can visit Planview Clarizen’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ page to know more of the latest enhancements and announcements.

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