Planview Clarizen Panels Let You Visualize and Integrate Any Data You Need

Planview logoPlanview Clarizen is a work management solution that allows companies to manage projects collaboratively. With its comprehensive set of smart and customizable tools, users are able to track projects, manage resources, automate workflows and optimize budgets that translate to achieved business goals. Although every organization faces unique challenges and business needs, this project management software provides the building blocks that allow teams the opportunity to configure the information platform they need to succeed.

Planview Clarizen Custom Panels

Planview Clarizen provides its users Panels, which are customizable windows or pages that can be embedded in a screen. Users can choose any data, internal or external to Planview Clarizen, and present it in a way that will help them obtain important and time-sensitive information they need to accomplish their work. They can embed multiple panels to create a dashboard or build a central module where they spend the most time for their work. It is completely configurable and supports HTML, URL, and javascript. It can access data fields, related items, custom functions and even web APIs.

Sample Use Cases

Here are some examples of how to use Panels in a business setting. The possibilities of its application are truly wide and diverse.

Embed Widgetized Planview Clarizen Data

Planview Clarizen project management software enables users to share views as widgets. Users can share Gantt charts, Roadmaps and other views to elevate their exposure. In the same way, these can be saved into panels or custom pages. For example, the company’s interactive roadmap is added to the main navigation panel so that any employee can easily see it. Like any other page, the administrator can set to whom and from where it is visible. They can simply copy the Share screen URL and add it at the end section of the Custom Panel setup.

Centralize Planview Clarizen Screens

Another use case of Panels is to make a linked screen more visible to some users. For instance, teams working with Agile/Scrum method may prefer to work using the Team Board rather than within Work Plan views. The Team Board App has been updated on the Apps Marketplace. It is now available as a custom panel so board-centric users can now create Team Board views. It has a Project Methodology field, and setting it on Agile will control whether the Panel will be shown or not.

Present Data In New Ways

Planview Clarizen Panels also enable users to display any type of information, from within or from external sources. They can use links and widgets, access views or create new pages using HTML and javascript. Users can even combine more than one panel, for example, to display a detailed project view. In this example, the Project Financial Highlights panel uses conditional formatting to display color-coded information. This sensitive information can be filtered and only be visible to selected users. A Burndown Chart panel can graphically represent a project’s expected burn rate compared to actual burn rate.

Other Examples

Other use cases that make use of panels are:

  • Customer detail page that contains YouTube videos and Twitter feeds
  • A drag-and-drop organizational chart that updates Planview Clarizen data, or
  • Active Projects displayed geographically via Google Maps.

One-Stop Shop Work Platform

Planview Clarizen Panels aims to improve visibility and accessibility using a wide range of information types and sources. It supports the main objective of allowing companies create a meaningful engagement experience that help them move their business forward. For more information about custom panels and other announcements, visit Planview Clarizen also on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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