Planplex Announce Redesigned Interface and Public Views

planplex logoPlanplex is a tool that is commonly used to plan projects and build Gantt Charts collaboratively. The integration is simple and flexible, and some external tools can be linked to the system. Planplex includes tools to track your project, and with all the integration, tracking, collaboration, and planning, no hassle is required. The features include Bug Tracking, Testing/QA management, Status Tracking, Resource Management, Time and Expense Tracking, Milestone Tracking, and Issue Management. Recently, Planplex have massively improved their user interface, and introduced public views, that allows you to share you work with higher management, customers, and colleagues.

New User Interface

It has been a long time since the last major update in Planplex, but this time it is more advanced than the rest. For the last three months, much of the time has been spent rethinking and trying to redesign the product to improve the user experience and interaction. Some of the improved features you might notice the next time you sign-in to your account include:

  • AutoSaving and synchronization of a project (this is optional and can be changed in the profile settings)
  • Neat and modern appearance
  • Name edition and inline creation of tasks. (Select a task, press the enter button, then shift + enter or ctrl+ enter)
  • New project adopt the structure of the sample task
  • Every dialogs related to the task except chat can now be accessed from a single dialog
  • Enhanced notifications
  • Table style views including calendars, milestones, activity, and resources have been redesigned

All-in-all, minor defects have been dealt with while the overall performance has been improved in all aspects.


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Public Views

Sharing your work with customers, supervisors, and teammates is a significant step towards planning. Other products have supported this through a lackluster combination of export filters, compatibility, and file sharing issues. Therefore, Planplex have worked hard to add a public view feature to enable users to do just this.

All that is required of you is just to navigate to the ‘Settings’ panel and then check the Public View Allowed option. A public view can also be protected with a password to only allow people with the password to access it.


This provides an amazing option for sharing your project by simply embedding your public view in other web apps or HTML email in order share the progress of your project.


Planplex continues to make major strides in improving their platform for users. The latest updates focus on aesthetics, user-friendliness and making sharing easier. They plan to continue improving the tool by implementing new features, fixing bugs and acting on feedback from the users. To learn more about Planplex, visit their social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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