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brad-egelandHave you ever tried thinking about starting a project, but the more you think about it, the more you feel lost and your project looks like its destined to doom? Have you ever started a project but it just won’t go as you hoped it would? Project management is an art in itself and not everyone is an artist. From project’s inception to its completion, there are steps involved that require planning and correct execution. If done right, the project can turn out to be a success, or otherwise can cost you a lot of time, money and effort. All of this can be prevented by planning your project from its initiation to its end with a professional like Brad Egeland.

Introducing Brad Egeland

Brad Egeland is a graduate from University of Iowa where he did his Bachelors in Management Information Systems. He is an expert IT and marketing consultant, Project Manager, and a Business Solutions Designer. His experience ranges to over 25 years and has worked for big names of our time like IBM, PMI (Project Management Institute), Project Insight, Acer, Aristocrat, Dell and many more. Among the very best in his field, he can help you start-up your new business, or carry on with your ongoing projects and help you plan and initiate a project successfully. You can contact him on Twitter or Facebook.

Brad Egeland wrote several articles for us. Read them here.


Brad is an expert content writer and helps clients by writing articles about products to increase traffic on their website. He has written more than 3,000 professional articles on Project Management, business technology, and small business strategy for software organizations and independent sites online. He blogs about problems related to Project Management which starters as well as professionals find very helpful. His blog has won various awards like Top 200 Agile Blogs of 2011, Top 20 Project Management Blogs, and #15 on Top 25 Project Management Blogs.

Expert Consultant

Brad is an expert IT & business strategy consultant but his expertise lies in Project Management. He can help an organization head in the right direction. He has worked with many multi-million companies and led several projects successfully. He is a skilled leader of managing project scope and customer relationships, and among the best in his field as reflected by his very impressive track record.


plan-like-pro-coverHe is a writer as well and has published various e-books on pros and cons of Project Management. His book named, “7 Deadly Sins of Project Management” focuses on the mistakes commonly made by Project Managers that prove to be fatal to the whole project. Another one of his books called Planning your Project like a Pro emphasize on the importance of planning beforehand, and following a preset pattern to achieve success. He has written 2 more books, whereas 4 of his books are to be released soon.

Plan your Project to its Success

Brad Egeland believes that planning is the key to a successful project. In fact, it is the only key to success, and that the importance of upfront planning can not be emphasized enough. Without proper planning and execution, your project is expected to fail. Along with planning, some of the other important aspects on which the success of a project depends includes effective communication among the management, understanding the needs of a customer, and being is touch with all aspects of the project.

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