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people-logoTo ensure that PMs (project managers) are up-to-date with current events in the project management world, they are required to earn credits within a three-year cycle. These credits are called Project Development Units, or PDUs. Project managers can obtain these credits through taking courses, attending workshops, listening to podcasts, or self-directed learning.

For PMs to earn PDUs, they must fit into one of these three categories; Category (A), which consists of courses or workshops offered by REPs (Registered Educational Providers), Category (B) Certification or “continuing education ” courses, or Category ( C) which can be achieved by individual learning where PMs are required to complete tasks to earn PDUs. For most, taking time out of work to attend workshops or classes can be a hassle and is simply not conducive with the schedule of a project manager. That’s why many project management websites, such as People and Projects Podcast, are offering podcasts as a way to easily earn PDUs as most episodes can be downloaded and listened to whenever listeners have time available.

Introducing People and Projects Podcast

People and Projects Podcast is a website that allows project managers to listen to podcasts on current project management ideas and earn PDUs. It was established in 2009 and operated by the Institute for Leadership Excellence & Development. The website offers exercises, quizzes and links for listeners to take advantage of, and gain a better understanding of project management. Users can earn up to 30 Category C PDUs just by listening to different podcasts.


People and Projects Podcast is hosted Andy Kaufman, the President of the Institute for Leadership & Development Inc. Kaufman conducts leadership workshops and executive coaching services that have reached tens of thousands of project managers, helping them achieve success in their roles as PMs. He is the primary presenter of the podcast.

Products and Pricing

Users can log on and listen to certain episodes uploaded to the site for free. People and Projects Podcast also offer two different premium subscriptions; a $9.97 monthly subscription or $97 for an annual subscription. Both premium subscriptions allow listeners to access all episodes, use discounts on products and services offered by Andy Kaufman, automatic entry into drawings for the website, and free admission to Web meetings and interviews (Also hosted by Andy Kaufman).


Benefits and Testimonials

The website offers downloading of episodes so users can stay on top of new project management concepts and ideas. This makes listening to podcasts easy as they can be transferred to the listener’s smartphone, tablet or MP3 player. People and Projects Podcast is also beneficial to listeners because of the host, Andy Kaufman. Kaufman offers inside advice about project management and over ten years of professional experience. Although the website does not offer a section for customer feedback, the site is popular and averages about 30 listeners at any given time.

Other Resources

Resources are abundant throughout the website. People and Projects Podcast offers recommended PM books, videos, blogs, and links that listeners can check out to enrich their experience. Kaufman also offer workshops and keynotes that listeners can take advantage of.

Recommended Project Management Software

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