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PCMag is the website of the iconic PC Magazine publication that began in 1982. The online edition started in 1994 and continues to this day, unlike the printed magazine which stopped publication in January 2009. Through the years and up to now, the site is well-known for providing readers numerous comparative reviews of computing, business technology, Internet products and consumer electronics. Countless readers have made informed purchasing decisions by going over its independent labs-based editorial coverage of the latest technology products, features and services. Indeed, many people bought better products and got more from technology through the site’s help.

PM Software Category

The PCMag website provides comprehensive and trusted reviews of so many products such as but not limited to laptops, tablets, phones, printers and other electronics. As a leading authority on technology, it also provides news and reviews of the latest apps and software for business and security. For instance, under the business directory, it has compiled and reviewed a list of 31 software under the project management category. The list includes a short description of the software, and some have an editor’s rating, and links to website and free trial offers. As an example, Zoho Projects, Teamwork Projects, and Slack got Editor’s Choice tags, with high ratings of 5, 4.5 and 4, respectively. The list can be filtered further according to Editor’s Rating, Pricing Model, Deployment, User License, and type of user.

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2016 PM Software Review

Readers can get the latest technology news and reviews from PCMag, and that include productivity apps and software. Recently, the site published a best project management software of 2016 list. Project management software provides the solution to today’s many common team and business productivity issues, such as information dissemination, organization and scheduling, and most importantly, communication and collaboration. At the top of the article is a table of the 10 PM software that was reviewed and the different criteria that these software were compared against. Zoho Projects, LiquidPlanner, Wrike and seven others were all compared with one another as against their price per month, storage space, number of projects included, an integrated chat feature and others.

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PM Software for Communication

Aside from product reviews, this technology website also provides latest news, industry expert opinions, business section features, and how-to articles. Due to recent technology breakthroughs such as cloud computing as well as the global acceptance of project management best practices, there is no shortage of articles discussing how online PM software can increase productivity. Project management itself continues to be updated to stay relevant and effective, and this PCMag article describes how to improve communication for better project management. PM tools help centralize and organize all project information, and also provide timely access of that information to all involved.

Replacing Email

It is easy to be complacent and just rely on email for communication, but this is a mistake. Email is a useful tool, but it was not designed for project management. Communication and collaboration are vital aspects and processes in managing and delivering projects successfully, and for that, online PM applications are the right tools to use. Email, on the other hand, is a poor choice for assigning work and for providing status information. Email can also be distracting, interrupting employees from their work who need to check if the email is urgently related to the project or not. Check out this how-to article that suggests a strategy for killing email with the right PM app.

Empowering Readers

For more than three decades, PCMag continues to empower its readers with the right information and useful insight regarding technology products. Through its reviews, people are maximizing technology they need and becoming more productive. Visit also their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page.

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Recommended Project Management Software

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