Paymo New Task/Task List Features and Enhancements

paymo logoPaymo online project management application recognizes the importance of organizing and completing projects in manageable sizes of work. By splitting projects into task lists and tasks, it is easier to assign and track them through to completion. The latest release makes working with tasks much easier and way better. Now, users can have better views of the lists, more flexible ways in prioritizing and in highlighting important details, and even the ability to start the timer directly from tasks.

Expand/Collapse Task Lists

Paymo simple project management application makes project management easy, even when the user is not yet a veteran project manager. It gives the user the tools to take control of the project with the needed visibility. The latest release allows users to expand or collapse all task lists in one click. This provides the high-level view, but at the same time, it also allows users to expand and collapse individual task lists in one click. This greatly saves time when trying to look for something in particular but still with an organized view.

paymo task expand-collapse

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Drag and Drop Task Lists

Managing projects always involve creating change, and the right PM tool should be flexible enough to handle it, such as changing priorities. Now, Paymo users can easily move a task list by dragging and dropping it to its new position. By clicking the icon in front of the task list, the said task list can be moved in its proper position easily. All the other task lists automatically will collapse when said icon is clicked, to help the user in adjusting the placement and priorities.

paymo task drag drop

Start/Stop Timer from Tasks

Paymo online project management is an integrated platform that enables small and mid-sized businesses to get work done, deliver successful projects and grow continually. With this latest release, users can start or stop tracking time directly from tasks. By clicking the green icon near a task, they can easily start or stop the timer. The icon is animated and identifies the task being tracked. Thus, users have another option of tracking time aside from selecting a task from the web timer.

paymo task start-timer

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Edit Task Descriptions with New Editor

Communication is essential in completing tasks, collaborating with team members and managing projects. Now, Paymo users have a new rich text editor for inline editing task descriptions. Users can apply desired formatting, such as bold, italic, underline, linking, ordered lists and unordered lists on texts that are selected. It is also easy to remove any formatting that has been applied with one click. Another improvement on the latest release is the assign feature on tasks. By clicking the Assigned To icon, users can see resources and assign or un-assign them with a click on the checkbox before the resource’s name.

paymo task inline editor

The latest enhancements and improvements in the project management application are the result of the Paymo team’s efforts and consideration of requests from users to provide not only useful features but also to help your team and business achieve more. To know more of the latest updates and new features, visit also their Facebook or Twitter page.

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