Paymo New Features Provide Quick Info, Better Organization

paymo logoPaymo online project management application has added new features to help its users deliver their projects within budget and on-time. In addition to recent speed improvements and fixes, the latest update to the productivity software provides users with at-a-glance information, additional options in assigning expenses, and better contact information organization for clients with multiple projects or accounts. All these features help users to have real-time data regarding status and hours, allowing them to create better forecasts, get more projects done on time, and improve profitability.

Readable Employee Overtime Information

Paymo now enables users to view text information of an employee’s overtime hours when looking at his or her profile. The text tells the total hours with the number of hours exceeded resulting in overtime. These data are in addition to the visual color-coded bar graph that also shows the percentage of hours and overtime. This simple update provides quick information to help project managers track time and manage the workload of resources.

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New Column in Invoices

Another simple improvement in data display that provides very important information is the addition of a new column Pending Payments in Invoices. The new column shows the users the remaining balance they are yet to receive, based on the difference of the total price/quote of the project and the partial payment that the client has already made. This will help the billing company to decide if it is time to remind the client of the balance as well as know if collection management is efficient or needs adjustment.

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Assign Expense to a Project

Paymo integrated project management application now offers its users the ability to assign an expense to a project rather than just a client. This feature is especially helpful when a client has tasked the agency or company to work on more than one project. It is possible that the projects are being handled by separate client departments and would rather have separate project expense statements. It is even possible to assign multiple expenses to a project in a date range for further organization and classification.

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New Variable for Primary Contact

In line with more flexibility and options for data organization, Paymo also included in its latest application update a new variable for managing client contact information. For every client that will receive emails, estimates or invoices, the new variable as “main contact ” for the client can be designated. Thus, it is possible that several contacts from a single client company are defined in the database, such as project managers or external collaborators. However, only the main contact will receive the emails that pertain to invoices, estimates and late payment emails or other important financial communication.

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Testimonials for the New Features

Paymo online project management is an integrated solution that helps many small and mid-sized businesses use a single platform for task management, collaboration, time tracking and project accounting. Larry Daniele stated their company is really thankful for the Pending Payments feature, describing Paymo as a great product that got even better. Fred Camino is also thankful, appreciating much the feature to designate a client as main contact. And so are Pablo, Corné and Lisa Cole, stating their admiration, congratulations and complements for the new feature additions. For more news and updates about this online project management application, visit their Facebook or Twitter page.

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