Pavel Ilyusenko- Redefining Project Management at ScienceSoft as the PMO Head

One of the challenges of being the head of a project is maximizing the budget while ensuring that high-quality and specific standards are not compromised. Implementing productivity and collaboration are consistent throughout the duration of the project. Delivering results at a specified time in compliance with industry standards and government regulations are among the tough expectations to meet for a project. Acquiring the skills in actualizing the things mentioned demands years of experience and exposure. Thankfully, the value towards refinement and standardization for project management processes is the passion that Pavel Ilyusenko has emphasized.

Who is Pavel Ilyusenko?

Pavel Ilyusenko is a software and lead developer who started his career in the IT industry in 2001. He joined ScienceSoft in 2005 and 14 years later, he became the head of the project management office in the company. His length of service to ScienceSoft has polished his management skills, making the company’s PMO a center of excellence. He speaks English, Russian and Belarusian.

Being the Head of PMO at ScienceSoft

Prior to becoming the PMO head, Pavel honed his leadership skills through several projects for management, development, and support of enterprise application. And it was in 2019 that Pavel became the head of PMO for his company to redefine and unify the practices of project management. He initiated competitive teamwork to the project members to ensure high-quality results. His top priority is constant project productivity.

Pavel’s Projects and blogs

Pavel successfully led high-value project pipelines for a large McKinney, TX base corporation previously. Those projects included:

Pavel actively posts his own articles about enterprise applications in the ScienceSoft blog.

Pavel’s Legacy in Contribution to ScienceSoft’s Success

One cannot be successful without the key people to ask for support from. For nearly 20 years developing not just software, plus the people within ScienceSoft, Pavel is making a trademark of excellence and collaboration. His hard works for success attest that ensuring quality work and delivering great results can get you on top.

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